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30,000+ students tutored

93% Of DR. STUDY Parents Say Their Child's Grades Have Improved

97% of DR. STUDY Parents Say Their Child Is More Confident

100% of DR. STUDY Students get into their 1st tertiary course preference

5 Star Google Rating

30,000+ students tutored

Scholarship And Selective Schools Tutoring In Melbourne?

Gaining admission into Victoria's prestigious education system is an extremely competitive process. It also requires diligent preparation and expert guidance. At DR. STUDY, we have years of experience successfully tutoring students vying for selective enrollment and academic scholarships.
5 Star Rating by Parents & Students
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Scholarship Pro Program Options:

dr study beginner and intermediate

Minor Program

1 Class (60 mins) per week)
PLUS, Weekly homework & revision

scholarship preparation melbourne

Major Program

2 Classes (60 mins) per week
PLUS, Weekly homework, revision & practice

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Scholarship Pro – Primary Students

Students can start sitting scholarship exams in Grade 4 and have opportunities to secure a scholarship for Year 7 in either Grade 5 or 6. A minimum of 12 months dedicated Scholarship Pro participation is advised to improve success potential.

Primary preparation involves:

    • General Ability and General Ability and Abstract Reasoning Practice
    • Core Principles of Scholarships: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension.
    • Essay Writing Preparation: Narrative and Persuasive
    • Preparation for Year 7 Entrance Exams to Grammar schools
    • Interview Preparation and Practice Questions

Scholarship Pro – Secondary Students

Private Secondary Schools accept scholarship students at every year level 7-12.

Selective Secondary Schools mainly accept scholarship students from year 7-10.

At DR. STUDY Scholarship Pro provides students with extensive learning and testing resources across all examinable areas of study. These include (but are not limited to), Mathematics, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Narrative Writing and Persuasive Writing

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Highflyer And Accelerated Learning Programs

Both public and private schools offer a variety of Highflyer or accelerated learning programs, for which testing is a requirement for consideration. Preparation for these tests needs to be targeted, strategic and comprehensive to improve success potential.

Unlike traditional scholarship testing, a unique component of the higher ability testing (HAST) is non-verbal/ abstract reasoning, which requires dedicated practice. DR. STUDY teaches this topic in a way that provides program participants with the added benefits of increased IQ and problem-solving skills.

Our Scholarship Tutors in Melbourne Help Students Flourish

Here's how our selective school tutoring can help your child land their best shot at success.

Proven Test-Taking Strategies: Our scholarship tutors in Melbourne are intimately familiar with the content and format of exams like the Selective Schools Entrance Test, ACER Scholarship Test, and school-specific assessments. We equip students with the test-taking techniques and skills needed to tackle these challenging exams, including time management confidently, educated guessing, and overcoming test anxiety.

Customised Learning Plans: We take the time to understand your child's unique academic abilities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This allows us to design a personalised tutoring plan that targets the areas they need to improve the most. Lessons are tailored to their learning style so they can absorb and retain information.

Building Academic Prowess: Lessons focus not just on test-taking strategies, but also on developing core skills in areas like reading comprehension, essay writing, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking. This well-rounded instruction builds knowledge and abilities that help students thrive in selective school environments.

Interview Readiness: For scholarship candidates, we provide coaching to help students eloquently discuss their achievements, goals, and interests during interviews. We run through practice questions and help polish interview etiquette.

Mentorship & Confidence Building: Our scholarship tutors serve as mentors to motivate students, boost emotional readiness, and instil confidence. We teach mental techniques to reduce stress and anxiety around high-stakes testing. Through scholarship preparation from our team, students gain the focus, self-assurance, and competitive spirit needed to succeed.

Test Formats

At DR. STUDY we expose students to the most expansive range of testing formats whilst aiming to accelerate student abilities beyond the testing level they are aiming for. In so doing, our students find the actual exam experience to be relatively easy, after managing the challenges we set before them throughout their program participation.

Scholarship Pro Testing formats include (but are not limited to):


  • Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 entrance exam preparation

  • Selective School Entrance Exams: Nossal, MacRob, Melbourne High and John Monash Science School

  • Core Principle Testing: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension.

  • Essay Writing Preparation under timed conditions


  • Year 7, 8, 9 10 & 11 entrance exam preparation

  • Grammar and Private School Preparation Exams: Caufield, Haileybury, Peninsula, etc.

  • Core Principle Testing: Mathematics, Humanities and Written Expression

Additional Testing: John Monash Science School (JMSS); Scotch College; AAS

Unlike other scholarship and selective school preparation courses, Scholarship Pro provides students with the resources and skills to participate in multiple scholarship examinations. That is, our students are encouraged to sit multiple exams, for different private and/or selective schools, as well as highflyer testing. In many cases, our students receive m multiple acceptance letters, from which they can decide if/what offers to accept.

Depending on student progress across their initially assigned study programs, we may invite them to participate in the most appropriate of these and other specialised programs. This is dependent on both the demonstration of relevant aptitude as well as an overall readiness for more advanced study programs.

How the Scholarship Pro Tutoring Program Works

  • 1. Assess:

    We start with a complementary assessment to create a customised tutoring plan that fits each student's individual needs.

  • 2. Match:

    Our advanced matching system connects students with tutors who can best meet their personality and academic requirements.

  • 3.Tutor:

    Our weekly tutoring sessions run for a minimum of 60 minutes, and we provide bonus homework which promotes progress, organisation, and self-directed study. Our tutors use mixed method teaching approaches to keep students actively engaged and productive, and our 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio in classes ensures every child receives the attention and support they require.

  • 4. Support:

    We walk with you every step of the way, offering regular updates and ongoing support for your family.


We offer a range of tutoring programs to help you or your child catch up in school, get ahead and reach their full potential.

Proven Track Record

Having taught over 30,000 students, we have a track record of success, with 93% Of DR. STUDY Parents Saying Their Child's Grades Have Improved and 97% saying their confidence has increased.

Flexible Face-To-Face & Online Learning Options

We offer flexible online or in-person sessions on campus to fit your busy schedule, utilising the latest technologies including video, audio and an interactive virtual whiteboard.

Expert Teaching, Not Just Homework Help

While we do help students with homework, our program is designed to fill in gaps and build mastery of the core school curriculum for each year level.

What Parents and Students Say


Award-winning University lecturers tutoring from Pre-Prep, to 12th Grade & further!

Students receive tutoring from our University lecturers, giving them a head start in preparation to Uni life and a foot in the door! Increase your child’s confidence, abilities and help them get ahead. 

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Olga Abeysekera

Founding Director at Dr Progress Group


Founded by Monash University lecturer and entrepreneur, Olga Abeysekera, Dr. STUDY's award-winning university lecturers provide expert tutoring from Pre-Prep to 12th Grade & further.


Our individually tailored tutoring programs mean students get the most out of their time with us. Watch as your child’s journey unlocks improved academic results and greater confidence, helping them get ahead in life.

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