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It is a face-to-face or online assessment for students to develop the right programme for them, and to find the right tutors for them.

Pricing - Dr Study vs Others

DR. STUDY Kumon Cluey Edu Kingdom James an College Kinetic education Lynn's learning Alchemy A Team tuition Number Works Kip Mcgrath
Fees $49.50 per week, per subject $160 per month, per subject $80.00 Per hour, Per Subject $70.00 per week, for 3 subjects $38.00 Per week $59.00 Per hour online $79.00 Per hour face to face $162.00 Per Week $65.00 Per hour, Per subject $69.00 Per session, Per week
Student age range 3-65 years of age Kinder - Year 10 Prep - Year 12 Year 1 - Year 12 Year 1 - Year 12 Kinder - Year 12 Kinder-Year 10 Prep - Year 12 Prep - Year 12 Prep - Year 10 Kinder - Year 12
Subject/Programs available 115+ 4 9 13 16 2 3 12+ 12 2 2
Private 1-to-1 session
Digital & Hardcopy Learning Resources
Unlimited Learning Resources
Customised programs
Free Assessment Maths, English, Science, and Personal Reflection. Maths and English Maths and English (only Primary students)
Standard of tutors Award winning course developers, minimum tertiary qualified and professionally trained tutors 1 supervisor with tertiary qualifications, others school aged assistants Uni Students (Governed by Head of Curriculum) Tertiary and above Uni Students Uni Students
Class size 4 maximum per class Minimum 20 Between 1-5 students 25 students per class School class sizes 1-on-1 1-on-1 3 maximum per class
Additional Services Homework Help, Course counselling, Work Experience & Internship Placement, VTAC Preference Guidance, GAT Preparation, NAPLAN Preparation, ICAS Preparation, Head Start Programs, Assignment Assistance, Complete corrections and revision, Parent Support, and Student Mentoring.
Holiday programs Open all year
Minimum commitment required 1 Month 1 Month 2 Weeks 10 weeks 1 Term N/A 3 to 6 months
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