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The VCE is a stressful time for students and parents. It's hard to know how to help your child do their best without putting too much pressure on them, or letting them off the hook if they need some assistance.

We all want our kids to do well in school, but it can be tough knowing what support they might need when it comes to studying for exams like the VCE.

DR. STUDY is here to help your child unlock their full potential so that they can achieve great results in school and beyond. Our tutors have helped thousands of students pass the VCE exam with ease and confidence, boosting self-esteem along the way!

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Don't let your VCE studies fall behind

Our individualised VCE tutoring programs boost the confidence and abilities of students when they need it most. With our personalised VCE tutoring and comprehensive learning programs, students can reach their full academic potential and succeed.

With limited access to school facilities and resources, it has never been a more important time to support students through their VCE studies. We offer VCE programs and seminars across a wide range of subjects, as well as online classes and tutoring for students learning remotely.

Get in touch now to find the class that will best support your VCE studies and help reach your full potential.

Achieve your VCE goals from just $180 a month

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Get a head start with VCE insights

Our VCE seminars address the most frequently asked questions around VCE and ATAR calculations to equip students with everything they need to know to excel in their studies.

We combine our seminars with personalised guidance counselling on subject selection and strategic planning, so VCE students are ready to hit the ground running.

We can also help with SAC, GAT and exam preparations, as well as VTAC university course selection support.

Top-quality programs and facilities

Our innovative and multifaceted VCE programs combine worksheets, tutorials, lectures, online simulations and other learning techniques to build student confidence and capabilities. We also offer VCE students critical online support, digital simulations and course counselling through our + programs.

Our world class facilities provide the ideal learning environment for VCE students. Students can take advantage of our learning hubs, lecture area and library, which are fully fitted out with premium furniture, laptops, stationery and more.

There are laptops and other advanced learning technologies available for students too. Our library boasts an extensive range of books and texts, which students are welcome to borrow as often as they like.

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Comprehensive VCE tutoring

We offer VCE tutoring across a variety of subjects to help students succeed. Classes start from just $180 per month.

Our VCE tutoring subjects include:

  • English, English Language and Literature
  • General, Further, Methods and Specialist Mathematics
  • Psychology, Business Management, Legal Studies and Political Studies
  • Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  • Economics and Accounting
  • Physical Education and Health.

Get ahead with online learning

Our innovative online programs range from early childhood to VCE tutoring, so students can learn from home and create a flexible study schedule. We bring a multifaceted approach to online learning, combining worksheets, tutorials, lectures, digital simulations and other learning techniques to build student confidence and capabilities.

Our easy-to-use online learning platform has been designed to maximise learning outcomes and meet educational goals.
There is also invaluable online support, assignment assistance and course counselling to boost learning outcomes.

Comprehensive online tutoring programs for all levels of education

We offer a range of programs to help your child reach their full potential.

English and English+

Maths and Maths+

Essay Excellence

Scholarship Pro

Early childhood program

Pre-tertiary and tertiary program

VCE tutoring and seminars

Primary school program

MedHeadstart program

Master classes

High School Program

Career coaching

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Introductory offer:

Sign up in the month of May and get your first week free*

Increase your child’s confidence and abilities and help them get ahead. Individually tailored programs mean students get the most out of their time with us. Watch as your child’s progress with us unlocks higher academic results and better personal growth.

We offer a wide range of programs and seminars for all ages. Get in touch now to find the class that will help your child reach their full potential.

* Offer valid until May 31, 2021. Valid for new students only.

Award-winning University lecturers tutoring from Pre-Prep, to 12th Grade & further!

Students receive tutoring from our University lecturers, giving them a head start in preparation to Uni life and a foot in the door! Increase your child’s confidence, abilities and help them get ahead. 

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Find an online tutor in Melbourne now! Early Learning - Kindergarten - Primary & High School - Tertiary & Career Coaching

From early learning to career coaching, Dr Study covers every stage of the educational journey. Our state-of-the-art learning facilities and cutting-edge programs create an optimal learning environment.

Our space comprises learning hubs and a lecture area, equipped with the purpose-designed furniture, stationery, library, laptops, and more, to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

PREP - 6
English, Maths & Science

7 - 10
English, Maths & Science

11 - 12
English, Maths & Science

Tertiary & Onward Pre-Tertiary to Essential English IELTS & Med Headstart TAFE/University Preparation

The Pre-Tertiary Program has been designed to ensure a smooth and successful transition to TAFE/University life. Our team of Academic staff are aware of all the common pitfalls that students face when beginning their tertiary studies and guide our students to avoid and overcome the same.

We provide course building support, along with content coverage, assignment assistance and online support. Tertiary programs provide comprehensive course guidance, assignment assistance, online support, lectures, writing and referencing assistance.

Pre-Tertiary & Tertiary Programs

The Pre-Tertiary Program has been designed to ensure a smooth and successful transition to TAFE/University life. We provide course building support, along with content coverage, assignment assistance and online support.

Essential English & IELTS

Learn to speak and write English fluently through our individualised programs designed for all ages. Offering IELTS preparation as well as General, Academic and Business English Courses. We will help you achieve your English language goals.

Med Headstart Program

DR. STUDY offers comprehensive programs for aspiring medical professionals who are required to sit admissions tests and aptitude exams.

  • GAMSAT (Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test) preparation
  • UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) preparation
  • AMC MCQ & Clinical Testing preparation

Tutoring services in Melbourne—primary to university tutors available

Join the Dr Study Community. Embarking on a learning journey with Dr Study means experiencing our unique process. We take the time to get to know our students, identifying their specific academic needs, goals, and learning styles to provide them with a tailored learning program and the best educational resources and tutors.

Our Four-Step Learning Approach


A complimentary consultation helps us to create a customised tutoring plan that fits each student's individual needs.


Our advanced matching system connects students with tutors who can best meet their personality and academic requirements.


Our personalised coaching model ensures the curriculum revolves around the student, filling knowledge gaps and providing homework help to instill confidence and enjoyment in learning.


We walk with you every step of the way, offering regular updates and ongoing support for your family.

Parents and Students Agree That DR. STUDY Tutoring Works for Those Looking to Catch Up, Build Confidence and Excel at School


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Of DR. STUDY Parents Agree Their Child Is More Confident

Stephania Oliva
Stephania Oliva
Dr Study has reliable and respectful staff. They really organised and informative tutoring company. I love the way they teach and how supportive they are with the students. I would recommend it to everyone.
Jorge Avellaneda
Jorge Avellaneda
Dr. Study helped me enormously to reinvent myself professionally and find a different path from the current one.They are true professionals, and their learning system is ideal and practical.The staff is incredible; their disposition, supportive attitude, and customer service are superb.100% recommended if you are looking for serious, professional guidance.
Jared Lim
Jared Lim
Dr Study has been life changing. All the staff and tutors are extremely friendly and are very knowledgeable, providing insight on how to excel in numerous subjects. They have been able to help me prepare for SACs and exams by focusing on areas I have difficulties with and providing excellent feedback that allows me to improve. The tutors also provide first hand advice on how to study properly and efficiently. I highly recommend Dr Study to any students striving to achieve their very best as they have been amazing to work with and are the best in the business.
Geraldine M
Geraldine M
We are so grateful to have found Dr Study in our local area. They have helped both our kids in English and Maths, when we felt completely helpless after the Covid lockdowns and not knowing where to turn to when our kids needed assistance with their learning. I am most impressed with the way the program can be adapted to help with specific needs of your child and can be flexible. I truely feel my kids are being well looked after at Dr Study and I can relax knowing that I or my kids can reach out to them if we face any other challenges. Thankyou so much to all the staff and tutors!
Lucy Wallis
Lucy Wallis
They are great! As a year 12 student, they were great at explaining content and providing numerous resources! Not only are they good at educating, they have amazing staff that are super nice and helpful!! Would recommend!!!
Mandy M
Mandy M
Such an organised and informative tutoring company. Could not recommend this place any more. So glad to have found them after trying other in home tutoring. It's not just the tutoring its all the extra info and tips that you get. Everyone is genuinely interested and supportive of each student. The extra support providing feedback is always quick to be provided and very helpful. Well worth driving the extra km's to go here.
Stefania Cotrone
Stefania Cotrone
I am so grateful to have found Dr Study and highly recommend them. I am planning on returning to tertiary study as an adult and the progress I have made with the team at Dr Study is outstanding. As well as teaching, they instil a high level of confidence, logical and analytical thinking. As someone who is embarking on a new career, I am glad to have the support and encouragement from Dr Olga (who is amazing!) and the team. Thank you!
Annalisa Picone
Annalisa Picone
This is the most personable training and education experience I have ever had. The professionalism and the people running behind the scenes are next to none.Olga, Kerri and the team at Dr Study Have helped me transition into a new career and have kept me on track with my studies and reviewed all my assessments.If you are looking to go back to uni, foster your kids into high school and tutor them you must try these guys they are the best.
kenneth dutton
kenneth dutton
I would like to recommend Dr study for tutoring my son for year 12 chemistry and English. Dr Study has prepared him for his exams and given him extra confidence to score even higher than his expectations.I would like to thank Dr Olga, Kerri and Nick for their hard work and dedication towards the children specially during these hard and trying times due to the pandemic, they have made it all happen and given my son more confidence and guidance.I would recommend any parent to give their children and opportunity to be taught by Dr study.Thank you Olga, Kerri and Nick.Kind regardsKen
George Cherukara-Mathew
George Cherukara-Mathew
Through their hard-work and dedication to students struggling with VCE subjects (me being one of them), Dr. Study had truly helped me attain a higher ATAR than what I thought was possible. Their quality tutoring showcasing their knowledge of their specialised fields, and their ability to connect with their students in order to keep the learning interactive and enjoyable are among the reasons that I would recommend this place to any other students that struggle in school.
Michael Dent
Michael Dent
A great tutoring service providing the highest quality support for young people in a critical part in their lives. Dr. Study provides a professional, welcoming and most importantly effective tutoring service.
Shemanti Arun
Shemanti Arun
olga was an amazing tutor and worked really hard to pin point my weaknesses, so that they could be the target of my learning. she always provided the most useful resources, and was there for me through every step of my year 12 journey. could not imagine achieving my year 12 successes without her!!!!
Sanjaya Yapa
Sanjaya Yapa
I am so glad that I chose Dr Progress a few months ago for my daughter. Because of the professional education provided at Dr Progress, she improved a lot. Big thanks to Dr Olga Abesekara for professional guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Progress to all parents out there. Dr Progress is simply the best.
Anna E
Anna E
Thank you Dr Progress and Olga in particular for giving my son the confidence he was lacking. Your help and guidance as well as constant support ensured that he finally realised not only what he wanted to achieve but also started to believe that his dream is within his reach. He would not have done that without you. Your are truly remarkable with your knowledge and professionalism. Your dedication and scientific approach to studies is second to none.
Degu Abebe
Degu Abebe
I am writing this note to indicate how good the curriculum at Dr Progress was for children. The content of the course and the excellent interactive nature of the staff made it easy for children it master the content quiet easily. I found that Dr Abeysekera and her experienced team are really well tailored for teaching, coaching and tutoring students at primary, high school and University level. They also prepare graduates for medical school entry by teaching them different subjects for GAMSAT and prepare research manuscripts and UCAT. I suggest that parents of students and graduates to attend this course in order for students/graduates to be successful.
Zahra H
Zahra H
Dr.Progress has helped me so much throughout my VCE years. From being that student who knew nothing about essay writing to becoming one of the few top students in my english cohort. Thank you Olga for your dedication towards students like myself and making a positive change for my education!
Kerrianne McCall
Kerrianne McCall
The team at Dr. Progress are very professional. All the staff have a real passion for helping children excel at learning and make this process fun and engaging. The program was tailored to my child and because of this individualisation in a very short amount of time he has improved and gained so much confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Progress
Shavantha Mallawa
Shavantha Mallawa
Dr. Progress has helped immensely with my child's progress. Dr Olga is very professional and has been very helpful in ensuring my child understands the concepts and theory to a high degree. My child enjoys going there and has gained confidence as a result. Thanks to Dr. Progress for your help and quality of teaching.
Dr. Progress is a great tutoring class that provides everything any student will need in terms of literacy and essay writing skills. Dr. Progress makes learning feel very intuitive, and is overall a excellent experience.
Chevvone Thomson
Chevvone Thomson
Dr. Progress is a wonderful tutoring service that provides children of all ages the opportunity to enhance their skills in a large variety of subjects. The service is provided by some of the best and highly qualified tutors who are currently helping me better and perfect my english skills. I enjoy every minute in my class with them, they make learning interesting, fun and engaging.
Alana Fares
Alana Fares
A massive thank you to Dr. Progress for their dedication and commitment in ensuring I not only achieved results to the best of my ability, but for diligently curating a program that ensured I enjoyed every part of my studies. And an even bigger thank you to Dr Olga for her continuous patience and persistence, which inevitably created a calm and valued learning atmosphere. I will forever be grateful for the skills I have attained from such an outstanding program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nalinika Senanayake
Nalinika Senanayake
A very happy mother as my daughter has excelled in her writing triple-fold after attending Essay Excellence classes by Dr Progress last year. She has been challenged in her writing to take it to the next level.Here''s her testimony:As a Dr. Progress – Essay Excellence student, I have first-hand experience in how the tuition works. Classes here are great, and I love going to them every week. Classes here are organised, structured well and changed for each student’s needs. We have children of a range of ages in each class, from kinder kids to VCE students. Everyone participates in discussions and share’s their ideas with the others. Personally, Dr. Progress focuses on my preference for working by myself. Other students like to work with others and verbalise their ideas. I started 12 months ago, and I have seen a massive improvement in my writing skills. I’ve been introduced to new writing techniques, sentence structures and different kinds of essays (just to name a few). Overall, I am a much better writer than I was before and that’s all thanks to Dr. Progress.
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Olga Abeysekera

Founding Director at Dr Progress Group

Meet the founder

Olga has an extensive academic and professional background, consistently displaying equal passion for both.

Her academic qualifications were all attained at Monash University, including a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Psychology and Management, a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Business and Commerce (for which she achieved First Class Honours), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

In accomplishing the latter, Olga’s thesis explored the joint effects of Individual Differences and Social Networking on Creativity in the Australian High-Tech Industry.

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