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Dr. Study is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement

Earlier is better when it comes to skill building. The sooner young people start to develop technical skills, the easier it is for them to acquire and master the same, without having to unlearn earlier accumulated bad habits.

Mission statement

At Dr. Study we focus on continuous improvement in work and study, recognising the importance of learning for life.

Meet the team

Dr. Olga

Meet Dr. Olga

Olga has an extensive academic and professional background, consistently displaying equal passion for both. Her academic qualifications were all attained at Monash University, including a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Psychology and Management, a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Business and Commerce (for which she achieved First Class Honours), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Management. In accomplishing the latter, Olga’s thesis explored the joint effects of Individual Differences and Social Networking on Creativity in the Australian High-Tech Industry.

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