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It is a face-to-face or online assessment for students to develop the right programme for them, and to find the right tutors for them.

About Our Staff

The DR. STUDY team comprises management, administrative, and instructional staff. This varied and diverse group is distinguished by their advanced specialist knowledge, and extensive academic and professional backgrounds, all sharing Dr. Olga's dedication to teaching and learning.

Our staff

Meet Our Team

Nicholas Hetrelezis - Operations Manager

Since starting my role at DR. STUDY in 2019, I have been inspired to teach and develop students in Scientific, English and Mathematical disciplines. My Bachelors of Pharmaceutical Science (from Monash University) and experience in the fast-paced and high yield Pharmaceutical industry provides me with the basis for encouraging people to pursue similar routes. I am currently positioned as Operations Manager at DR. STUDY, where I am dedicated to maintaining our high quality and proven education system. Our team will continue to drive results and we intend to play a major role in our students' growth and maturity.

I look forward to engaging with individual students, broadening their academic and work horizons, guiding them in a tailored way that best suits their unique needs, fueling their drive towards pursuing their particular interests, and always fostering a positive learning environment.


Dr Lakmal Abeysekera - Head of People & Culture

Lakmal arrived in Australia as an international student from Sri Lanka in 2002 to complete his undergraduate degree in Commerce at Deakin University. After completing his Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction, he was invited by Deakin University to undertake an Honours degree which he completed with a First Class Honours. Subsequently Lakmal was able to secure a full-funded scholarship from Monash University to complete his PhD. As part of his doctoral research Lakmal explored how the importance attached to work and family roles by couple dyads influence each partner’s experience of work-family conflict.

Lakmal has nearly two decades of experience in tutoring, lecturing, developing and coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate courses (e.g. General Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Intercultural Communication and Negotiation, Future of Work) in the Australian Higher Education Sector. He has performed the above roles across Deakin University, Monash University, and The University of Melbourne. In addition, Lakmal has delivered vocational development programmes at The University of Colombo and The University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, he was part of a team of academics at Monash University in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia who developed and delivered capacity and leadership development vocational training programmes for Public Servants from Sri Lanka over multiple years. Across all of these roles Lakmal has maintained exemplary teaching reviews and positive feedback from thousands of students. Beyond his teaching, Lakmal has also published his research in top ranking academic journals in the areas of work-family conflict, flipped classrooms, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


Natalia Gismondi - Campus & Student Journey Manager

Natalia Gismondi is a vibrant and passionate professional who has extensive experience in Business Management, Hospitality, Early Learning, and TV Production. She has completed higher learning, in Business, Early Learning, and Marketing studies both in Australia and Argentina (her country of origin). Bilingual in Spanish and English, Natalia loves talking to our students about their language acquisition abilities and goals.

Natalia’s managerial skills are enhanced by her creative aptitude, making her approach to educational service provision both unique and refreshing. The DR. STUDY ethos of ‘learning for life’ is fondly championed by her, as she is committed to ensuring all students have the best possible learning experience.


Maria Bermudez - Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Maria Bermudez is a professional who has extensive experience in customer service and operations. She has completed higher learning in Marketing and Communication studies in Australia and Interior Design with Graphic Arts emphasis in Colombia (her country of origin). She is bilingual in Spanish and English. Maria loves welcoming our students and ensures they start their learning sessions on a positive and friendly note. Maria is ever willing to answer parents’ questions and assist them in any way to provide our students with a productive learning experience.


Savith Suraweera - Shift Supervisor

Sav is an Undergrad at Monash University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. He is passionate about sustainable net zero energy buildings and education. At DR. STUDY he enjoys helping students reach their full potential, especially in Maths and Science. In his spare time Sav enjoys 3D modelling, digital art and photography, as well as watching basketball.


Praveen Ukwatte - Tutor

Praveen Ukwatte is completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Accounting at Deakin University. Throughout his higher studies, he has managed to maintain a high WAM while being engaged in many extra-curricular activities at various clubs and societies that help strengthen his career interests. With an underlying passion for education and sharing knowledge, Praveen serves as an ideal fit in the education industry.

His unique approach to teaching, collaborating and engaging with students of all ages has proven to be of great success. Moreover, he has proved to have exceptional communication skills, problem solving skills, and a creative mind combined with the ability to work under pressure. In addition to his current field of work, Praveen's other interests lie in the study of economics, financial and emerging markets while understanding how technology will help shape the future we hope to live in.


Chamath Suraweera - Tutor

Chamath is studying Robotics and Mechatronics and Applied Mathematics at Monash University. At DR. STUDY, he specialises in teaching VCE Maths subjects and Physics, as well as mainstream Maths, Science, and English programs. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and learning about the intersection between applied mathematics and programming.


Caitlyn Vaz - Tutor & Vulnerable Student Aide

Caitlyn is a former DR. STUDY student who is now undertaking her Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Science at Monash University. She is keen to pursue medical pathways, having aspirations of becoming a medical doctor in the future. In line with this, Caitlyn has been volunteering as a teaching aide, working with our most vulnerable students, with great success.

Given her personal experience with the DR. STUDY learning and teaching approaches, Caitlyn is uniquely positioned to assist students with her fresh perspective on VCE as well as her tutoring experiences. At DR. STUDY, Caitlyn has moved beyond her voluntary role in fulfillment of her personal interests to a formal tutoring role, specialising in mainstream tutoring across disciplines, as well as Maths and Sciences at the VCE Level.


Mario is currently an undergrad at RMIT University completing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. At DR. Study, Mario specialises in tutoring VCE Math subjects, Chemistry and Physics as well as middle school English, Math, and Science.

Mario believes in learning through application to real world scenarios and he strives to instil in our students the ability to do just that. He is also an enthusiastic advocate for using practical examples to teach concepts.

Another of his key goals is to create a comfortable learning environment for all our students by always looking to build a rapport with the students he teaches. When he's not moulding future minds, he keeps up with soccer, reads avidly, plays the guitar and listens to music.



Sujin is a Chemical & Biological Engineering student at Monash University, exploring his options through Chemical Engineering to find his passion. In addition to being a high-achieving, easy-going individual, he is passionate about teaching Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. He brings forth a strong set of interpersonal skills, which he works on continuosly. A career as an engineer, teacher, or ideally both is one of his life goals. Apart from singing very mediocrely, Sujin also enjoys reading fiction books, watching horror movies, and watching TV shows.

Aditya Aditya is currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science and specializing in Advanced Computer Science at Monash University. Aditya has a passion for learning about science, mathematics, and computers. His dream is to work as a software engineer at one of the Tech Giants. At Dr. Study, Aditya specializes in teaching Maths, Science (specifically Physics). In his free time, Aditya likes to play video games and make them.



Being able to provide a close insight to her VCE experience and as a past DR. STUDY student, Mimi is able to guide students with a fresh scope. Mimi is aiming to study a bachelor of Engineering and Science at Monash/Bachelor of Science of Science at Melbourne University. Tailoring to the students’ needs, Mimi specialises in VCE English, VCE Math, highschool Mathematics and English as well as being able to support students studying chemistry and physics. Personally, Mimi is into learning Japanese and Korean, listening and broadening her music interests and swimming as a physical activity.



As a previous Dr Progress student, Sam understands the struggles of navigating schooling life while simultaneously attempting to progress academically. As a result of joining Dr Progress during his late schooling career Sam has become an astute and perspicacious individual and wishes to help other students to achieve their academic goals. Having recently graduated VCE, he possesses an up - to - date working knowledge on the current VCE study designs, specialising in VCE English and VCE psychology. Personally, Sam is interested in Horology, music and sports.



Josh is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging at Monash University. As a past Dr Study student, Josh has a sound understanding of the various tutoring styles, enabling him to present a more personalised teaching approach for each student. Having just graduated, he possesses the most up-to-date knowledge on current VCE study designs, specialising in VCE English, VCE Business Management and VCE Further Mathematics. He enjoys playing tennis in his spare time, and loves music (tell him your favourite artists and songs!).



Chanu has just graduated from Nossal High School and is excited to share her knowledge in health and science subjects to other VCE students as well as working with primary and secondary school students to build their future academic pathways. As a previous Dr Study student, Chanu is eager to use her experience to help other students learn how they do best. She enjoys music and performing as well as playing volleyball!



Cameron has just graduated from Year 12 at Mazenod College and is keen to share his knowledge and experiences with everyone to help everyone reach their full potential. As a previous student at Dr. Study, Cameron is able to use his previous experience through their education. Cameron enjoys sporting activities including Basketball and Australian Rules Football, and follows the Carlton Football Club.



Arnela has recently graduated from Brentwood Secondary college and is thrilled to share her accumulated knowledge and aid other students on their education journey. As a previous student at DR. STUDY, Arnela is familiar with and eager to use her experience to help students further extend their educational prowess. Arnela enjoys reading, keeping active, cooking and nature walks.



Princy has recently graduated from Mac.Robertson’s Girls High School and is enthusiastic to support and share her knowledge with students as they grow through their educational journey. As a previous DR. STUDY student, she is able to utilise her experience to facilitate learning and empower students. Princy enjoys reading, badminton, baking and crocheting.

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