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top selective schools in nsw 2024 rankings, regions, and types

Top Selective Schools in NSW 2024: Rankings, Regions, and Types

Choosing the best school for your child is an important choice, and it can be overwhelming given the wide range of outstanding options available in New South Wales (NSW).

Selective schools in NSW provide a specialised educational environment tailored for academically bright students. These educational institutions have been designed to assist students who excel academically, providing a curriculum and environment that pushes learners to realise their greatest potential. Selective schools emphasise personal development significantly in addition to intellectual growth.

Parents can ensure that their child is surrounded by peers who share their values, which can be extremely motivating and inspiring. These schools often have access to exceptional resources, experienced teachers, and advanced programmes designed to meet the specific needs of brilliant pupils. 

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the top selective schools in NSW for 2024, offering insights into their rankings, regions, types, and entry requirements.

Key Dates

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of key dates and important information about the top selective schools:

9 October 2023Applications open
20 November 2023Applications closeRequests for reasonable adjustments for the test due
5 February 2024Last day for parents to update their contact details, or if their child has changed schools since applying, in the application dashboard
24 April 2024Test centre and Test authority letter releasedParents/carers told of any reasonable adjustments granted for the test
9 May 2024Selective High School Placement TestInterstate and overseas Report of academic merit due
16 May 2024Illness/misadventure requests due
16 June 2024Last day to change school choices
23 August 2024Placement results expected to be released
Late-August 2024 – 7 days after the results releaseResults enquiries about the Writing test dueAppeals on other grounds due
Early-September 2024Offers are made from reserve listsReserve bands progress is available on the website
Late-September 2024Writing test results enquiry outcome released
End-October 2024Appeals outcomes released
18 December 2024 at 3 pmReserve decision date (students holding accepted offers are removed from reserve lists at 3:00 pm)
Late-January 2025Authority to attend letter released to parents/carers with accepted offers
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List of Top Selective Schools in NSW by Ranking, Region, and Type

Choosing the right school for your child can be challenging, especially when it comes to selective schools. Here is a comprehensive list of NSW’s top selective schools for 2024, including their regions, types, entry scores, and application processes.

1. James Ruse Agricultural High School

James Ruse Agricultural High School is renowned for its agricultural programme and consistently ranks as the top selective school in NSW. It provides a thorough academic curriculum along with unique agricultural education opportunities.

Region: Carlingford, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective, Agricultural
Entry Score: 250
Ranking: 1st
Additional selection criteria: Interview and academic performance
Additional Information: https://jamesruse-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

2. Baulkham Hills High School

Baulkham Hills High School is known for its extensive curriculum and exceptional academic achievement. It is constantly rated as one of NSW’s best selective schools.

Region: Baulkham Hills, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 240
Ranking: 2nd
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://baulkham-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

3. North Sydney Boys High School

North Sydney Boys High School offers a fully selective education with a strong emphasis on academic excellence. The school promotes a well-rounded education by offering a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Region: North Sydney, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 235
Ranking: 3rd
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://northsydbo-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

4. North Sydney Girls High School

North Sydney Girls High School excels in academic achievements and offers an encouraging atmosphere for female students. It promotes strong extracurricular activities and a strong sense of community.

Region: Crows Nest, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 233
Ranking: 4th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://northsydgi-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

5. Sydney Girls High School

Sydney Girls High School is recognised for its high academic standards and inclusive school community. It offers a demanding academic programme along with an abundance of extracurricular activities.

Region: Surry Hills, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 230
Ranking: 5th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://sydneygirl-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

6. Sydney Boys High School

Sydney Boys High School prioritises athletics and academic achievement while providing a holistic education. It is respected for both its competitive athletic and academic programmes.

Region: Moore Park, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 225
Ranking: 6th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://sydneyboys-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

7. Normanhurst Boys High School

Normanhurst Boys High School provides a challenging academic environment and is known for its strong student support and diverse extracurricular activities.

Region: Normanhurst, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 220
Ranking: 7th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://normanhurb-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

8. Hornsby Girls High School

Hornsby Girls High School offers a supportive and challenging academic environment. The school is widely recognised for both its extensive extracurricular activities and outstanding academic performance.

Region: Hornsby, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 218
Ranking: 8th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://hornsbygir-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

9. Girraween High School

Girraween High School consistently achieves high academic results. The school provides a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to a nurturing educational environment.

Region: Girraween, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 215
Ranking: 9th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://girraween-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

10. Penrith High School

Penrith High School has a reputation for its diverse student body and stellar academic programme. The school offers several options for students to participate in extracurricular activities as well as a demanding academic programme.

Region: Penrith, Sydney
Type: Fully Selective
Entry Score: 210
Ranking: 10th
Additional selection criteria: None
Additional Information: https://penrith-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from parents about Top Selective Schools in NSW: 2024 Rankings, Regions, and Types.

1. What is the entry score required for the top selective high schools in NSW?

Top colleges require scores between 210 and 250 for admission. Entry scores vary by school.

2. How are students selected for the top selective high schools in NSW?

The results of the selective high school placement test are the main factor used in selection; however, some schools also take academic standing and interviews into account.

3. What distinguishes partially selective high schools from totally selective ones?

While partially selective schools combine selective and community-based admissions, fully selective high schools admit all students based on academic performance.

4. How can parents help their kids get ready for the placement exam for elite high schools? 

By giving practice tests, enrolling their kids in tutoring services that will help them be ready, and promoting consistent study habits, parents can help their kids become better learners. 

5. Do selective schools help children with their social and emotional growth? 

To guarantee the emotional and social well-being of their students, selective schools offer a range of support services, such as social clubs, mentoring programmes, and counselling. 

6. Can students transfer between selective schools if they move to a different region? 

Transfers between selective schools are possible but depend on availability and the policies of the specific schools involved. For full details about the transfer procedure, it is recommended to get in touch with the schools directly.


Choosing the right selective school is an important choice that can shape your child’s academic future. Every school provides special chances and programmes designed to develop the skills and talents of outstanding students. Finding the right school for your child’s needs requires careful consideration of each one’s requirements and application procedures.

Book a free assessment today to learn how our tutoring services can help your child excel in their selective school applications and academic journey. With our professional advice and assistance, you can put your child on the path to success.


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