Maths and English Tutoring for Academic Success

We all know maths and English are core subjects that provide students with essential knowledge and skills for academic achievement.  But getting the results students are after is a whole other challenge. These days, many struggle to excel in these difficult areas without proper support.

That's why our maths and English tutoring services are so valuable for developing proficiency in these primary fields. At DR. STUDY, we provide structured and personalised lessons to help students master these vital subjects.

Our maths and English tutors are made up of high achievers familiar with acing VCE exams, as well as current university students with advanced skills. Additionally, we offer access to professionals experienced in simplifying complex concepts across both of these subjects.

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We Make Maths and English Attainable

By working with a maths and English tutor from DR. STUDY, students can:

  • Improve their grades and exam performance
  • Develop stronger foundations in either (or both) subject
  • Enhance their thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Gain confidence in core theory.

We believe tutoring is the key to unlocking success in maths and English for academic excellence. Our proven approach supports students through every step of their VCE journey.

It All Starts Here

DR. STUDY is the premier provider of maths and English tutoring for VCE students in Melbourne. Our experienced team members deliver personalised support to help students thrive in these vital subjects. If your child needs help catching up, keeping on top of studies, or taking their abilities to the next level, contact us today to schedule a free trial.

During this time, we will evaluate their maths and English skills and discuss how we can best support their needs. We will match them with tutors suited to their learning style and requirements.

Ready to help kick-start their learning journey? We look forward to helping students of all capabilities excel in maths and English and unlock their full academic potential. Contact us today to get started.

Did you know we offer lessons in accounting and other maths-related subjects? Get in touch now to see how we can support all learning needs.

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Melbourne tutors that help catch up, keep up & excel

We offer a range of tutoring programs to help you or your child catch up in school, get ahead and reach their full potential.

Expert Tutors

Who know their stuff. Qualified teachers, high ATAR achievers or subject matter experts.

Building on classwork

We extend formal and traditional education, building on the work each child is covering in class.

Online and face-to-face

Face-to-face learning using video, audio and an interactive virtual whiteboard.

Award-winning University lecturers tutoring from Pre-Prep, to 12th Grade & further!

Students receive tutoring from our University lecturers, giving them a head start in preparation to Uni life and a foot in the door! Increase your child’s confidence, abilities and help them get ahead. 

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Find an online tutor in Melbourne now! Early Learning - Kindergarten - Primary & High School - Tertiary & Career Coaching

From early learning to career coaching, Dr Study covers every stage of the educational journey. Our state-of-the-art learning facilities and cutting-edge programs create an optimal learning environment.

Our space comprises learning hubs and a lecture area, equipped with the purpose-designed furniture, stationery, library, laptops, and more, to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

PREP - 6
English, Maths & Science

7 - 10
English, Maths & Science

11 - 12
English, Maths & Science

Tertiary & Onward Pre-Tertiary to Essential English IELTS & Med Headstart TAFE/University Preparation

The Pre-Tertiary Program has been designed to ensure a smooth and successful transition to TAFE/University life. Our team of Academic staff are aware of all the common pitfalls that students face when beginning their tertiary studies and guide our students to avoid and overcome the same.

We provide course building support, along with content coverage, assignment assistance and online support. Tertiary programs provide comprehensive course guidance, assignment assistance, online support, lectures, writing and referencing assistance.

Pre-Tertiary & Tertiary Programs

The Pre-Tertiary Program has been designed to ensure a smooth and successful transition to TAFE/University life. We provide course building support, along with content coverage, assignment assistance and online support.

Essential English & IELTS

Learn to speak and write English fluently through our individualised programs designed for all ages. Offering IELTS preparation as well as General, Academic and Business English Courses. We will help you achieve your English language goals.

Med Headstart Program

DR. STUDY offers comprehensive programs for aspiring medical professionals who are required to sit admissions tests and aptitude exams.

  • GAMSAT (Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test) preparation
  • UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) preparation
  • AMC MCQ & Clinical Testing preparation

Tutoring services in Melbourne—primary to university tutors available

Join the Dr Study Community. Embarking on a learning journey with Dr Study means experiencing our unique process. We take the time to get to know our students, identifying their specific academic needs, goals, and learning styles to provide them with a tailored learning program and the best educational resources and tutors.

Our Four-Step Learning Approach


A complimentary consultation helps us to create a customised tutoring plan that fits each student's individual needs.


Our advanced matching system connects students with tutors who can best meet their personality and academic requirements.


Our personalised coaching model ensures the curriculum revolves around the student, filling knowledge gaps and providing homework help to instill confidence and enjoyment in learning.


We walk with you every step of the way, offering regular updates and ongoing support for your family.

Parents and Students Agree That DR. STUDY Tutoring Works for Those Looking to Catch Up, Build Confidence and Excel at School


Of DR. STUDY Parents Agree Their Child's Grades Have Improved


Of DR. STUDY Parents Agree Their Child Is More Confident


dr olga study tutoring melbourne

Olga Abeysekera

Founding Director at Dr Progress Group

Meet the founder

Olga has an extensive academic and professional background, consistently displaying equal passion for both.

Her academic qualifications were all attained at Monash University, including a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Psychology and Management, a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Business and Commerce (for which she achieved First Class Honours), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

In accomplishing the latter, Olga’s thesis explored the joint effects of Individual Differences and Social Networking on Creativity in the Australian High-Tech Industry.

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