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Five tutoring strategies that really work

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Tutoring services are more in demand now than they have ever been, with one in four Australian children receiving tutoring at some point during their school years.

The growing popularity of tutoring makes sense – while teachers are doing their best to cater to their classes, it’s impossible for them to devote the level of attention and support to every student that the latter may require.

For many families, tutoring has become a key component of their children’s education and the ideal way to supplement classroom learning.

Experienced tutors know that tutoring is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Academic success looks different for every student, because each student is unique.

However, there are tutoring strategies that can be leveraged to better support students with their learning.

Here are five tutoring techniques which have proven to be highly successful with our students.

Customised learning

At Dr Study, we tailor our programs and learning materials to suit the individual needs of each student.

Parents may be surprised to learn this, but a child’s age and grade are not particularly indicative of their prowess. Once our tutors start working with students, they are able to comprehensively assess fundamental gaps in their students’ learning and customise their teachings to prioritise these areas.

Our aim is to ensure that our students have a strong foundational understanding of their subjects so that they are equipped with what they need to truly excel.

Mixed method teaching

Another tutoring strategy that our team uses is a mixed method teaching approach. The work we assign is highly varied in nature in order to truly challenge students’ understanding of theories and concepts.

Our range of diverse learning materials include worksheets, tutorials, mini lectures, online simulations, and more.

Using a mixed method approach prompts students to apply their understanding in a multitude of ways, helping them to continually learn and ensuring they have a solid grasp of their subjects.

Problem-based learning

We favour problem-based learning because it is a hands-on tutoring technique that promotes active learning.

Students are presented with a problem or a set of problems, which they must work through based on their understanding of the core concepts and principles relevant to the task.

Our tutors typically take a backseat role during problem-based learning exercises, offering top level guidance but primarily allowing students to navigate their own way through the problem.

This tutoring strategy helps children to develop their critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. It also importantly encourages self-directed learning.

Applied learning

As its name suggests, this tutoring technique asks students to apply their understanding of their studies in a practical way.

At Dr Study, our focus is on how the concepts we teach our students can help them in a real-world context. This underpins all of the work that our tutors do, so that students are able to connect theoretical concepts with tangible situations and outcomes outside of the classroom.

Like problem-based learning, applied learning is an active approach that enables students to truly engage with their studies and informs a holistic understanding of the concepts, theories, and models they have learnt.

Timely and meaningful feedback

Consistently providing feedback that is positive and constructive is a key component of our teaching practice at Dr Study.

Our tutors employ dialogic teaching, which supports students by ensuring there is an ongoing dialogue between each tutor and their student. Dialogic teaching encourages students to voice their perspectives and contribute to their own learning.

Positive reinforcement is also important when delivering feedback for both correct and incorrect responses, to motivate students and ensure that they develop a positive association with learning.

Effective tutoring for your children

If you’re seeking expert tutoring services that will help your children to engage effectively with their studies, reach out to our friendly and experienced team to learn more about our teaching practices and range of tutoring services. Send us a message on our website or feel free to call our office on (03) 9590 6000.


  • Dr. Olga Abeysekera

    Olga has a PhD in Management from Monash University. Her research focused on how personal differences and social networking impact creativity in the tech industry. She has extensive teaching experience at universities and private tutoring centers, praised for her engaging methods and clear insights. Olga also writes for top academic journals and creates innovative programs that enhance skills and consulting methods. She believes in the power of education to inspire ongoing growth in both studies and careers.

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