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Dr Study master class holiday program

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We’re excited to help our students start the new year right with our master class holiday program.

This summer, our team is offering an exclusive schedule of classes across a wide range of subjects, including English Plus and Maths Plus, creative story writing, coding for beginners, exam mastery, public speaking, and more.

Each master class lasts 90 minutes and will be led by one of our expert tutors. Students will learn the fundamentals of their chosen subject in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each of our master classes.

Maths Plus

This master class provides intensive examination of key mathematical constructs and their application. Appropriate for all primary and secondary school age children, as the materials are customised to individual student levels.

English Plus

Focusing on grammar rules and the application of the same, this intensive class empowers students to acquire and affirm their grasp of English language rules. Appropriate for all primary and secondary school age children, as the materials are customised to individual student levels.

Story writing

Learn the art of creative writing. Develop key brainstorming approaches, become inspired to bring your ideas to life using words, and build the confidence to see your writing projects through from ideation to publication. Appropriate for students 7-16 years old.

Essay writing

Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies for effective and efficient essay writing. Focusing on argumentative/persuasive and informative writing styles, this class will give you a major advantage when it comes to structured writing projects and tasks. Appropriate for students 7-16 years old.

Exam mastery

This master class provides invaluable insight into overcoming exam stress and anxiety. Focusing on techniques relating to preparation and execution, including study and time management, students will leave this session with the confidence they need to succeed in their NAPLAN, ICAS, school-based testing, scholarship exams, and VCE exams. Appropriate for students 10-16 years old.

Coding for beginners

People of all ages are becoming increasingly dependent on software. In the coming years, there will be growing demand for coders who can create unique solutions for society’s future technology problems. Students will receive vital exposure to programming and, more importantly, learn how to think like a programmer. Appropriate for students 10-16 years old.

Mindfulness for teenagers

The teen years can be particularly difficult to navigate, for which the practice of mindfulness can be extremely beneficial. This class will teach individual teenagers how to deal with life’s many stressors, plan productively for the future, and maintain a positive disposition. Appropriate for students 12-18 years old.

Public speaking

Public speaking tends to be the cause of dread amongst students which doesn’t need to be the case, thanks to this master class. Students will be guided in terms of presentation preparation and speaking skills. The skills acquired in this class will be vital throughout schooling and beyond. Appropriate for students 12-18 years old.

Riddle masters

This master class combines visual, linguistic, non-verbal, numeric, and spatial riddles that have been scientifically proven to boost IQ and improve concentration. Appropriate for students 10-16 years old.

Schedule for the holiday program

Week commencing January 11

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Week commencing January 18

Pricing for the holiday program

For existing Dr Study students:

  • $88 per master class
  • $250 for an all-day session (inclusive of 3 master classes)

For new students:

  • $110 per master class
  • $310 for an all-day session (inclusive of 3 master classes)

Important information about the holiday program

Exemptions can be made for age appropriateness, depending on the maturity and individual circumstance of each student.

Students are also welcome to make multiple bookings for the same master class, as the content varies across days and weeks.

Please note that bookings are essential to secure your master class or all-day registration. Please send your desired time slot, student details, and Dr Strudy enrolment status to bookings@drprogress.com.au. Payment instructions will be forwarded after the booking query is made.

Bookings for our holiday program can be made up until Friday, January 22, our last day of classes.


  • Dr. Olga Abeysekera

    Olga has a PhD in Management from Monash University. Her research focused on how personal differences and social networking impact creativity in the tech industry. She has extensive teaching experience at universities and private tutoring centers, praised for her engaging methods and clear insights. Olga also writes for top academic journals and creates innovative programs that enhance skills and consulting methods. She believes in the power of education to inspire ongoing growth in both studies and careers.

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