Do Students Need Tutors In The Summer?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Summer Tutor?

Investing a little in a qualified tutor can go a long way, especially in boosting your child's confidence in their abilities. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a tutor this summer:

Discover The Fun Of Learning Again

Sometimes students lose their interest in learning during the school year. It happens with students in any grade level among struggling students and high-achieving students alike. It's how things are that sometimes students and teachers alike have to trudge through the material to meet a deadline. Thankfully, tutoring doesn't have to be as disciplined if you don't want it to be. 

Tutoring can help students explore the areas of each subject that interest them more and engage them with projects and assignments that will captivate their attention. One of the things that students love to learn is how each subject relates to real-world applications. Summer tutoring is the perfect avenue for engaging students in this way.

Reinforcing Content From Last Year 

At the end of a school year, a child is filled with the stimulation and learning that comes from back-to-back months in the classroom, and summer tutoring can reinforce that learning before it's lost. According to the National Summer Learning Association, "All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer," and "research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardised tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer." Students can retain more from the previous school year, setting a good foundation for the next one.

It Maintains Routines 

One of the school's great advantages for children includes offering stability and routine, and sometimes in the summer, that structure is lost. Summer tutoring can help restore stability by giving kids something to focus on, work to complete and goals for their holiday!

Mind The Gap: More often than not, the extra attention and training of summer tutoring can be just the support a student needs to understand parts of schoolwork where they have been getting stuck. 

Then, before jumping into a new school year and new challenges, the student can catch up and get on track to be prepared to keep moving forward, filling in the gaps they may have accumulated over the previous school year. It also helps maintain momentum for other skills or subject areas where a student has already excelled.

Summer Tutoring Can Be "Outside Of The Box." 

Summer tutoring doesn't have to be the same as the rest of the year. In the summer, I like to try and get my students outside. Why not try some long division with sidewalk chalk? Or make a maths scavenger hunt around the house? Putting an educational spin on games and outdoor fun takes the pressure off students, and most of the time, they don't even realise that they are learning!

Create A Structured Routine

If time management and organisation is something that your student is struggling with, summer tutoring could help create a consistent timeline and structure for studying. Your tutor can work with you to set a routine for studying regularly. Regular sessions will add additional structure and accountability during the summer months. 

It will help your student avoid procrastinating and become more accustomed to studying regularly. A tutor can also help your student organise their notebooks, make better use of their agendas to keep track of assignments and provide other tips to make sure good study habits stick. 

Find The Best Study Style

We don't all learn in the same way. Tutors can help students and their families identify the study style(s) that work best and create strategies suited to that student's way of learning. Summer tutoring is an ideal opportunity to experiment with teaching and studying styles and explore different ways of learning. This way, students can find a method that resonates with them.


If a child experiences problems with certain skills and concepts during the traditional school year, it is quite likely that they will lose progress if they do not practice those skills and concepts during the summer months. A tutor will work with the student to identify the areas where they experience the highest level of weakness academically. The tutor will identify the weaknesses, determine the child's learning style, and will create a customised plan to build on that. It will help fill the educational gaps that the child has to be more successful in the new school year.

Enrichment And Excitement 

The next benefit of working with a tutor during the summer months is that the child will undergo enrichment exercises and accumulate excitement about the reviewed subject matter. 

During the summer months, tutors offer many exciting opportunities to learn. For example, they may engage your child in a summer learning camp, incorporate fun games into the learning process, and even create a social environment for learning that allows kids to connect to other kids.

Advancement: The next benefit of incorporating a summer tutoring coach is that the professional will help your child get ahead of the game for the upcoming school year. It reduces the stress levels about the upcoming school year and helps prepare them for the new challenges they will be presented with.

Reasons Your Student Needs A Summer Tutor

Your Teen Is Taking The Sat In The Fall

Many students take the SAT in the fall or early winter. The summer months are a great time to focus on test preparation. Studying for a standardised exam is very different from studying English and maths content in the classroom. There are so many tips and tricks to learn that use a different part of the brain. 

Tackling test prep and a full school day is possible, but students often learn test prep skills quicker and with less stress if they start over the summer. In other words, students will be thanking themselves come winter when they aren't cramming for BOTH finals and the SAT.

You (Or Your Child's Teacher) Have Noticed Some Behavior Issues.

Many children-most will experience behavioural issues to some extent during childhood or adolescence. Kids often demonstrate this by refusing to do homework or not paying attention in class. Having a private tutor over the summer can help in two ways: the student can start to view learning as a positive experience and one that they don't want to refuse, and it can help them get caught up, or even get ahead, with those academics that they missed out on the previous year.

Your Child Or Teen Is Suffering From Stress

More and more middle and high school students suffer from school-related stress issues. Having an in-home tutor over the summer can help because they can work on the subject or subjects that provide the most stress. They can also help with time management and set academic priorities during a time of year when stress is lower for students.

You Or Your Kid Are Concerned About Graduating On Time

Whether a student is in high school or college, it is getting harder to graduate on time. The thought of having to finish summer school after everyone else has walked the graduation line can be devastating for a student and can prevent immediate entrance to college. It often takes five years to complete a four-year degree for college students. Having a tutor help with summer school classes can help students get things done on time.

You Can Stay In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Parents are very busy these days, and taking your kid to an actual class can be difficult or impossible to fit into a tight schedule. Your kids might have the summer off, but you don't. So why not make it easier on yourself and have someone come to your home and work around your schedule. Students often feel more relaxed and open to learning if they are in the comfort of their own home.

There Is Time To Focus On Just One Subject

Most students have a subject they are not quite as good at. It is very normal but can be frustrating during the year because 1 hour of homework can easily turn into 2 or 3 as they start to fall behind. Therefore, summer is an ideal time to focus on certain topics and concepts that take a bit more time.

Private Tutors Can Help Improve Confidence

Students often hesitate to raise their hand in class or read aloud because they don't feel confident about their abilities. Let's put it this way, and it's difficult to ask for help when the help you need was chapters ago. We understand; struggling is a natural part of learning. Our college-educated tutors are smart, but classes didn't go well. A lot of this stems from the fact students learn differently.

Trust us, and it's a lot easier for a struggling student to ask questions to a private tutor than to a teacher in front of the whole class. It is a sad truth since asking questions is necessary for learning. Bottom line: your student will hit the ground running come fall due to their newfound confidence.

If You're Fed Up, Let Us Handle The Organization

I talk to many parents who are fed up with getting their children to finish their homework. Feel like you've tried everything? We understand. It is normal because kids know how to push their parents' buttons. Let a private tutor help out with some homework and learning responsibilities. Because the tutor is a brand new personality, your kid won't yet know how to push their buttons – and if they learn, better ours than yours. We're here to help establish a healthy relationship between your child and education, resulting in induced tense moments.

Private Tutoring Prevents Distractions From Other Kids

Classrooms are great for learning socialisation, but other children can also distract. Many kids want to play outside during the summer (which is understandable), but having other kids around can be a huge distraction if your child needs to concentrate and learn. Private tutoring creates an environment of focus and hard work without the stress of a classroom. Our tutors are empathetic to the draw of summer fun. That's why we do our best to make learning fun.

Your Child's Study Skills Need Improvement

Our Orange County academic tutors often get asked to help students with study skills and organisation. It is a great thing but can be harder to tackle during the school year when students also need to work on academic content. However, students can learn organisational skills and study techniques much more easily over the summer with only one or two subjects to work on. And, if all goes well, your student will carry these organisational skills into the new school year. How cool is that?

Regardless of your reasons for considering a private tutor for the summer, maintaining high educational standards in July and August is an important part of your child's overall education. I can say this based on experience, and I'm sure our other tutors can, too; you will be in a much better position to excel in the school year if you take summer learning seriously.


Why Summer Is The Best Time For Tutoring

Less Stress

Kids often start tutoring during the school year due to low grades. The culprit is usually a gap in skills or knowledge. As a tutor, my goal is always to get that grade up as quickly as possible, but it often means a juggling act. First, I teach missing skills AND class content at the same time. Then, as midterms or final exams loom, new content tends to take over.

In the summer, however, you don't have that concern. There is no assigned reading to review or tests to study for. Instead, we can focus on those knowledge gaps. We work on writing or analysis skills, organise a student planner, and get organised for the next school year. It's all just so stress-free

But all that work in the summer will pay off when school starts. And if problems persist during the school year, it's more about making tweaks than starting from scratch.

More Flexible Schedules

Sometimes trying to schedule tutoring sessions during the school year can be a game of Tetris. It can be tough between my student's school, extra-curricular, and work schedules. However, the summer offers much more flexible schedules. The kids suddenly have way more time because school and most extracurriculars are done.

Yes, we have to work around vacations, but you can do that. And thanks to the internet, summer tutoring doesn't have to pause for a family trip. I've successfully tutored while on vacation. Taking 1 hour to work on maths or writing will not ruin a vacation, but it will keep those skills from getting rusty.

Get Ahead On Content

For some students, summer is the best time to get ahead. Your child can get a jump on the school year, working on skills or content that you will teach. It is especially helpful if you have a lot of commitments during the school year and won't have much time for tutoring.


The summer is a time for students to take a break and enjoy themselves. But it's also the perfect opportunity to catch up on what they missed during the school year or learn something new. 

If you are struggling with your work this summer and don't want to go back into full-time studies next fall feeling behind everyone else, then tutoring could be an option for you. Whether you need help catching up in maths classes or learning how to speak another language, many different types of tutors available can give one-on-one instruction at home as well as online from anywhere around the world!

Students who have difficulty staying organised and focused but are achieving A's without outside support do not need tutoring over the summer. These students do well with an educational coach to support their organisation, time management, and study skills in the fall, but this isn't necessary for the summer.

During the summer months, tutors offer many exciting opportunities to learn. For example, they may engage your child in a summer learning camp, incorporate fun games into the learning process, and even create a social environment for learning that allows kids to connect to other kids.

The profession of a teacher offers a more secure career and income, while the tutor job provides more flexibility and the option to work online. In addition, a teacher can use group work methods to develop social interaction, and the tutor sees a rapid learning development of his students in one-on-one classes.

Having a good tutor help your child master the basics of difficult subjects will have an easier time following along in class. In addition, your child will understand more advanced material in the long run because their basics are strong. And as a bonus, their grades will improve with time.

Studies have found little evidence that once-a-week tutoring is sufficient to generate meaningful effects. One meta-analysis found that high-dosage tutoring was 20 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring in maths. In reading, high-dosage tutoring was 15 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring.

When school is out for the summer, many parents worry about how their children will keep learning and improve academically. Some students may need additional help and support to continue making progress, especially in certain areas. If this describes your child, you may be wondering if they need a tutor during the summer months. Read on for some guidance on whether or not supplemental tutoring is necessary during the break.


Does My Child Need A Tutor?

You may be asking yourself, does my child need a summer tutor? Whether they achieved straight As last year or failed maths, booking a summer tutor for even a few sessions can help them expand and explore their skill set and, more importantly, give them the confidence boost they need to step back into the classroom next year. 

Some signs that indicate your child may need summer tutoring include a decrease in attainment on their most recent report card, and you may have noticed some negative changes in their behaviour over the past year, their motivation towards learning is decreasing, or your child just may not be getting enough one-to-one support they need for certain skills like reading, writing and maths. 

Other students may even show signs of boredom in class, and hiring a summer tutor to stretch and challenge them with enrichment work, specially designed projects, or personalised mentoring may get them engaged and ready for the new school year!

FAQs About Tutoring

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