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top 15+ universities melbourne, victoria

Top 15+ Universities Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Making the decision to attend university is a big step, but it's also an important one. Choosing the right school can have a major impact on your future career prospects and quality of life. 

For those living in Melbourne, Victoria, this list should be helpful if you are looking for universities in Melbourne. 

Whether you're trying to find information about undergraduate degrees or postgraduate study opportunities, this list of best universities in Melbourne will serve as a great starting point for your search. 

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    The Ultimate List of Universities in Melbourne, Victoria

    University of Melbourne

    university of melbourne


    +61 3 9035 5547

    Our unique Melbourne experience prepares graduates to be well-rounded, intelligent, and skillful professionals who make a positive impact around the world.

    Our research contributes to the resolution of today's and tomorrow's social, economic, and environmental concerns. We're tightly connected with our communities, at home and around the globe – a connection that enriches our learning, teaching and research.

    With over 100 research centers, galleries, and museums on campus, you will be able to learn alongside prominent academics whose research inspires our curriculum.

    La Trobe University, Melbourne Victoria

    la trobe university


    1300 135 077

    We will continue to support access, diversity, and inclusivity while conducting world-class research to address the global forces shaping our world and make a difference in some of the world's most pressing issues, such as climate change, food, water, and the environment security, building healthy communities, and creating a more just and sustainable future.

    Monash University, Melbourne

    monash university


    61 3 9902 6003

    We are having a beneficial impact on today's global concerns, whether it is through climate change mitigation, geopolitical insecurity reduction, or the promotion of healthy communities.

    Our lively and varied community of 86,000 students, 9000 employees, and over 385,000 alumni are working together to effect real change.

    Universities in Melbourne FAQs

    Universities are public or private institutions that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Known for their lively, diverse environments, these institutions usually feature sizable campuses and a variety of program offerings.

    Whereas public universities commonly enrol tens of thousands of students, private universities are typically smaller and selective.

    Universities are generally more devoted to research, featuring an impressive array of facilities and labs to support these efforts. In addition, many schools carry official research designations and spend billions of dollars each year on research and development.

    While university professors may shift their focus to publishing and research, students benefit from classes led by some of the most highly qualified faculty in their respective fields.

    Choosing a college isn't as easy as it used to be. The review is well known for publishing college rankings that may affect students’ choice of school. But a recent study shows that when the time comes for students actually to choose a college, school rankings, well, rank pretty low on their list.  

    Not surprisingly, the cost is a huge factor in deciding where to go to school. The overall cost of attending college came in fourth place while being offered financial assistance came in third. And, not to be forgotten, a school’s social reputation ranked at number 6 (because college is about having fun too!)

    Top Reasons for Choosing a College

    Here’s a list of the top ten factors (from most to least important) that influenced over 200 thousand first-year college students in choosing their schools [2] – and how eLearners.com can help you during your selection process:  

    • “College has a very good academic reputation.”
    • “This college's graduates get good jobs.”
    • “I was offered financial assistance.”
    • “The cost of attending this college.”
    • “A visit to this campus”
    • The college has a good reputation for its social activities
    • I wanted to go to a college about this size
    • College's grads get into top grad/professional schools
    • The percentage of students that graduate from this college
    • I wanted to live near home

    While college rankings by respected publications should never be dismissed, they certainly shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision-making process. Selecting the right college is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make, and your decision should be comprehensive: does a school meet your academic, financial, social, and other personal needs? If so, it could be the right school for you – even if it isn’t at the top of a college rankings list.  


    Higher education is in a state of flux. Our industry is changing, our norms are adapting, our student base is shifting, our resources are dwindling, and the expectations of our stakeholders are rising.

    Five elements that make up the ideal University:

    • Technology would be married to face-to-face instruction
    • It would be a “generative university.” 
    • All undergraduates would be double-majors
    • There would be a culture of lifelong learning
    • There would be no (or little) cost for students

    Traditionally, there are three main functions: teaching, research and knowledge and technology transfer. The content and form of each of these functions depend in principle on the socio-economic contexts in which universities operate.

    Here are some of the top factors to consider when choosing a college.

    • Academic majors were available.
    • Affordable cost of attendance.
    • Location, location, location.
    • On-campus facilities & amenities.
    • Student activities.
    • Career services.
    • Do you feel at home on campus?


    RMIT University, Melbourne Victoria

    rmit university


    61 3 9925 2021

    Business and Management; and Communication and Media Studies Our courses of study are offered across four academic colleges and 15 academic schools. Talented workers have fastest growing area at RMIT University in a variety of scholastic, commercial, instructing, and scientific disciplines.

    Deakin University, Victoria

    deakin university


    61 3 9244 6103

    Leading university Deakin provides research that benefits communities and internationally connected education for jobs of the future. Our culture is centered on the needs of the students and is known for being open and welcoming.

    Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria

    swinburne university of technology


    1300 794677

    Huge and diverse Swinburne University has a strong dedication to innovation and making a difference. As a result, every year our institution expands and changes.

    Our researchers are interacting with industry through embedded relationships to drive innovation and create impact, and they are supported by leading digital technology platforms.

    Victoria University

    victoria university


    61 399196109

    For more than a century, Victoria University (VU) has offered affordable education to students in Melbourne's west and elsewhere.

     From certificates to diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses, you can begin your studies at any point and pathway between courses to achieve your goals, regardless of your starting point.

    Federation University Australia

    federation university


    1800 333814

    With campuses in Wimmera, Federation University was established in 2014, combining nearly 150 years of history from our predecessor institutions.

    We have the energy and optimism of youth paired with the knowledge and expertise that comes from our heritage as one of Australia's oldest universities, dating back to 1870.

    University of Divinity, Melbourne

    university of divinity


    61 3 9853 3172

    For more than a century, the University of Divinity has prepared its graduates for ministry, leadership, and community service by providing education and research in the fields of theology, philosophy, and spirituality.

    Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

    australian catholic university


    1300 275 263

    The foundation of who we are as a Catholic organization is our mission and principles. Learn about our background, organizational structure, and path to becoming a premier institution in the world, where we are already ranked in the top 2%. It's not just about learning while you study. Additionally, it's about building a fulfilling career, serving a greater cause, and having a positive influence.


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