top 30+ tafes in melbourne, victoria

Top 30+ TAFEs in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

There are so many opportunities to have in the world of TAFE or Technical and Further Education.

Whether you're interested in learning more about trades like carpentry, plumbing, mechanics or electrics; interests such as beauty therapy, massage therapy, hairdressing; or just exploring your options for study at the university level with a view to furthering your career down the track - there's bound to be something that catches your eye!

If you're looking for an education with a focus on hands-on work, then TAFE might be just what you need. This article will tell you everything about the Top 30 TAFEs in Melbourne, Victoria, so that your next step can be easier than ever before.

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    The Ultimate List of TAFEs in Melbourne, Victoria

    Melbourne Polytechnic TAFE

    melbourne polytechnic tafe

    03 9269 1247

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 37,000
    School Fees Low

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    Melbourne Polytechnic offers a different way to learn. We have been delivering vocational training since 1912, and we're one of the largest providers in Victoria.

    Practical learning

    We offer a wide range of innovative TAFE (VET) and Higher Education (Degrees) that prepare students for the workplace. With courses that focus on practical skills and hands-on experience, our students graduate with the knowledge they need to thrive in their careers.

    Teachers from industry

    Our teachers are passionate and established in their professions, and they're here to guide students in theirs. However, we know that circumstances can create barriers to learning, so we offer our students personalised pathways, flexible study options and learning support.

    Excellent training facilities

    Our campuses boast some of the best training facilities in Australia. Many of our classrooms and workshops simulate real-work environments. In many courses, students have an opportunity to provide services to the public and industry while learning.

    Melbourne Polytechnic Supporting Your Career Journey

    Changing Careers

    Maybe you're still waiting to find your [something] whatever that something is. We know it can be scary to change careers, so we've put some useful information together on things you might want to consider


    You're probably working in your chosen industry and want to add additional skills with practical hands-on learning. Reach about what you need to know when you want to upskill

    New to Study

    If you're looking at what to do after school, we've put together some key information on what to expect and resources your might need.


    From modest beginnings as a technical school in Collingwood in the early 1910s, Melbourne Polytechnic has become one of the largest vocational education and training providers in Victoria today.

    Melbourne Polytechnic is a respected and popular provider in Melbourne's north, with a rapidly growing presence in the south. Seven campuses provide increased pathways and choices to higher education and ongoing learning. We offer students the unique opportunity to integrate practical learning with traditional theory. The practical, personal and empowering lifelong education we provide translates into successful avenues to employment for our student body.  

    The origins of Melbourne Polytechnic are based on the sociology of the past. In that era, adequate technical education was lacking and became a focus in the Victorian Parliament early in the 20th century. After much debate and discussion among politicians and educationalists, The Education Act No. 2301, 1910 was passed. This Act made possible the establishment of new technical schools to address the shortage of skilled tradespeople.

    Melbourne Polytechnic - what's in a name?

    In October 2014, the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) changed its name to Melbourne Polytechnic. This name change was part of a wider, strategic process to transform the Institute into a contemporary provider of high-quality education and student experiences. The term polytechnic aligns more closely with what we offer today and has greater recognition internationally – specifically across Europe and Asia. In addition, our name reflects the broadening of the Institute’s operations to markets outside of northern metropolitan Melbourne.

    Over 100 years of historical progression in education...

    Collingwood Technical School

    In July 1912, two years after The Education Act No. 2301, 1910 was passed, Collingwood Technical School (CTS) opened in modified bluestone buildings at 35 Johnston Street. These buildings were originally built in 1853 as the Collingwood Town Hall and Court House. Within three weeks, there were 57 boys enrolled – studying preliminary carpentry and pattern-making, plumbing, engineering, sheet ironwork and bricklaying. They attended two hours a night on three evenings a week. Many of the students experienced long days – the young boys, some only 14, were up as early as 6 am for their local paper round and were studying into the evening. By September, there were 72 students plus 12 Manual Arts students from Melbourne High School. This latter group was the first of many students from other schools to study at night throughout CTS’s history.

    The following year in 1913, CTS opened its doors to juniors and took residence in new permanent buildings erected on the site. It was classified as a trades school by the Victorian Education Department. It offered carpentry, fitting and turning, plumbing, bricklaying and plastering, with courses in electrical wiring and electrical and mechanical engineering introduced two years later. 

    Over the next 75 years, the school expanded with new extensions and courses as education assumed a prominent role in society. In 1916, during World War 1, the school was used to rehabilitate returned soldiers and a Returned Soldiers Training Scheme began. In 1931, during the Depression, classes started for unemployed youths. By 1935, the junior school had 788 enrolments - the largest of any metropolitan technical school. The total enrolment was 1769.

    In 1937, Federal and State grants were made available for a Youth Employment Scheme, and there was a drop in junior school enrolments due to the opening of Preston Technical School. However, over the next couple of decades, new buildings were added, and numbers steadied. In 1970, Collingwood Technical School renamed Collingwood Technical College following the introduction of 'middle-level' engineering courses in 1968. Certificates of Technology were introduced, and, in 1976, the college assumed responsibility for high school evening classes at University High School as part of TAFE operations. In 1979, recognising a shortage of skilled gardeners, the college introduced horticultural studies in Parkville. A total of 96 apprentices enrolled. In 1980, the new Otter St building opened one year later and was occupied midyear to be fully operational a year later. At the time, 8000 full-time and part-time students enrolled in TAFE courses at Collingwood.

    Preston Technical School

    In the mid-1930s, the idea of establishing a second technical school in the north of Melbourne resurfaced. Preston Council provided land in St Georges Road, and Northcote City Council also offered money. Consequently, by the end of 1936, the building of Preston Technical School was nearing completion. The first meeting of the school council was held in the Preston Town Hall. In 1937 the new school opened with 385 male students and 21 staff. Demand for technical education in the north grew, and within three years, the school had outgrown its buildings and spilled over into temporary quarters.

    As World War II ended, students were taught in classrooms at four state schools in Preston and Northcote. While the Second World War had halted new construction, building restarted after 1945, and in 1947 a workshop block was opened for teaching carpentry and joinery, fitting and machining, plumbing and gas-fitting. By 1949, there was a recognised need to educate girls in the technical area. Seven years later, Preston Girls' Technical School opened in Cramer Street with up to 500 students. There was also a push to establish a diploma school offering tertiary courses in engineering and science. By 1951, Preston was the biggest technical school in Victoria, with 893 boys enrolled.

    During the 1960s, the college expanded and developed. In 1966, the college council applied to affiliate the Preston Diploma School with the Victoria Institute of Colleges. By 1977, more than 100 courses were offered, and a decade later, the college had a student population of almost 17,000 before amalgamation.

    Amalgamation and creation of NMIT

    The contemporary entity that became NMIT was formed in 1988 through the amalgamation of Preston College of TAFE and Collingwood College of TAFE, attached to the Parkville horticulture campus. The new entity, originally called Northern Metropolitan College of TAFE, developed Heidelberg, Greensborough and Epping to add to those existing at Preston, Collingwood and Parkville. In 1996 the name was changed to Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE. In 1999, the acronym NMIT was adopted.

    There were also training centres at Eden Park and Yan Yean, and during 2002, a training centre was opened at Yarra Glen in the Yarra Valley and a new campus in Ararat. In 2004, NMIT opened another campus at Fairfield after the Parkville campus was closed. Since then, an additional training centre has opened at Broadmeadows (Northern AMEP Centre). Yarra Glen training centre and the Greensborough campus were closed. The Ararat campus has become a working training centre – harvesting olives from our olive groves and boasting a productive lavender farm and vineyard.

    Melbourne Polytechnic 

    NMIT opened doors in the south in 2014, with a campus in High Street, Prahran. The Prahran campus was originally named Melbourne Polytechnic before the name went Institute-wide from October of that same year – no longer was Melbourne Polytechnic exclusive to the north!

    Melbourne Polytechnic has been accredited to deliver over 300 nationally recognised qualifications and more than 400 Institute accredited courses in everything from accounting to equine studies, childcare to commercial cooking, fitting and turning to floristry and beauty therapy, to meat processing. These study programs are delivered across seven campuses and additional specialist training centres throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.

    Today our programs encompass a broad course range that transcends the days of carpentry, plumbing and sheet metal. We offer pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and master’s degrees. There are also articulated pathways to university studies. Melbourne Polytechnic hosts a large cohort of international students and delivers programs with 25 partner institutions throughout Asia.

    One of Melbourne Polytechnic’s most significant aspects is the strong links forged with industry and the community. Industry-experienced teachers teach students in courses that meet the needs of industry today.

    Kangan Institute TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    kangan institute

    61 3 9279 2530

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 30,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Kangan Institute is one of the largest and most trusted education and training providers in Victoria, offering a range of programs, including certificates, diplomas, apprenticeships, traineeships, and short courses. We also offer undergraduate degrees in partnership with Federation University. With more than 80 years of educational excellence backed by industry, our qualifications will give you real skills and the confidence to succeed in life.

    Kangan Institute Employment Centre

    About us

    One of the primary goals at Kangan Institute is to strengthen the employability of our students and help them find "real jobs" in their chosen industry.

    That's why we have an Employment Centre specifically dedicated to assisting Kangan Institute students in understanding and developing their employability skills and helping them find meaningful and sustainable employment.

    The Employment Centre can assist you with a range of job search and employment-related activities and resources, one on one assistance and access to the weekly vacancy listing.

    Over 1,000 employers advertise vacancies with the Employment Centre each year, and we have a strong track record in successfully placing our students into meaningful employment.

    Once you have enrolled at Kangan Institute, you can register with the Employment Centre and have access to the resources and expertise to assist you in finding employment.

    How we can help

    Once you jump on board with Kangan Institute, you'll automatically be registered with our service and will be able to use the facilities in our main office in Broadmeadows to help you find a job. You can use the following free tools to find and apply for jobs, too!

    • Phone - to contact possible employers
    • Photocopier - to make copies of your resume and job application letters
    • Fax machine - to send applications and resumes
    • Newspapers - to look through the job advertisements
    • Internet access - to search for and apply for jobs online.

    The Employment Centre can also provide assistance with job searching and writing applications.

    Resumes and Application Letters

    It is important to have an up-to-date resume and a well-written application letter when applying for a job. To help you prepare yours, contact us on the number above.

    Interview Tips

    Find out what to do and what not to do with our interview etiquette and techniques information sheet. Contact us to request one.

    Canvassing Employers

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we'll find a job for everyone, so it's always great to explore other options. It's always great to contact possible employers directly and send them your resume or look for suitable jobs advertised online or in newspapers. Our consultants can offer advice on canvassing employers and phone techniques.

    Docklands (Automotive Centre of Excellence)

    When it comes to learning about automotive, few facilities rival our Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) Campus in the Docklands. 

    Put simply, and it's one of the best pathways into the auto industry.

    With the Victorian Urban Award of Excellence and a five-star green rating, the facility is now a major player in Auto Technology. It incorporates:

    • World-class vehicle and engine testing facilities.
    • New workshop spaces. 
    • A purpose-built auto electrical lab.

    The campus is also a short stroll away from many of Melbourne's major retail, service and manufacturing industries.  

    Kangan Institute Learning Support

    Learning support

    Are you finding the maths and writing requirements of your course a bit difficult? Maybe you've been out of school for a while or just didn't get the help you needed? You're not alone!

    The Learning Support team can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully complete your course work.

    How do you get assistance? All eligible students are assessed to see what help they need and then recommend enrolment as required.

    Holmesglen TAFE, Melbourne

    holmesglen tafe, melbourne

    1300 639 833

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 57,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About Us

    Holmesglen is one of the largest providers of vocational and higher education in Victoria. Since 1982, we have grown from a delivery of 90 courses to 7,000 students to a unique multi-sectoral provider offering over 530 courses to more than 50,000 students.

    Our story

    1982 - Holmesglen was born

    Holmesglen officially opens on the former site of Holmesglen Constructions in Batesford Road, Chadstone. This was originally an old munitions site used during WWII.

    1987 - More sites, more students

    Growing rapidly, Holmesglen now has more than 11,000 enrolments. This year we also occupy the former Oakleigh Technical School site and open our Conference Centre at our Chadstone campus.

    Holmesglen becomes the first Australian TAFE to be an ELICOS provider. As a result, we can now accept fee-paying overseas students!

    1992 - Waverley opens

    Holmesglen opens a site in Glen Waverley – formerly the Victoria State Schools Nursery – and relocates its Oakleigh facilities to this new campus.

    1994 - Quality becomes our backbone

    Holmesglen became the first Australian educational provider to be registered under ISO 9001.

    An internationally recognised standard, ISO 9001, cements our reputation as a quality service provider focused on continual improvement and consistent results.

    1996 - Strong growth continues

    We now have 30,000 enrolments and deliver close to six million contact hours a year.

    2002 - Moving into Moorabbin

    Holmesglen acquires the Moorabbin campus of Chisholm Institute of TAFE. This increases our staff numbers by 200 and our enrolments by 15,000.

    We also purchase a 290-hectare property near Eildon intending to open a rural learning and conference centre.

    2005 - 2006 - Building for the better

    Holmesglen builds two new educational precincts in Moorabbin to cater to our increasing enrolments.

    We also build two new educational facilities and a new cafeteria at the Waverley campus.

    2006 - 2009 - Hello to higher education

    Following legislative changes in 2003, Holmesglen developed its suite of higher education programs. We have 15 undergraduate degrees accredited – including a landmark accreditation of a Division 1 Nursing degree.

    2009 - Eildon expands

    Holmesglen opens a modern new conference facility at the Eildon site, which includes accommodation for 18 staff and 48 students. This is now known as Holmesglen at Eildon.

    2011 - The building continues

    We unveil a new state-of-the-art Health Sciences facility at Moorabbin, which features simulation laboratories.

    We also complete a major new building at the Waverley campus.

    2012 - Bright lights, big city

    Holmesglen further expands its reach with the opening of our city campus on St Kilda Rd.

    2013 - A new era begins

    Holmesglen announces new Chief Executive Mary Faraone, who takes over from our founding and long-standing Chief Executive, Bruce Mackenzie.


    This year we also open the Youth Foyer at our Waverley campus to help young homeless people.

    2014 -An exciting partnership

    Holmesglen builds on its long-standing partnership with Charles Sturt University (CSU). This year, 40 students begin their CSU Bachelor of Oral Health in a new six-storey building on Warrigal Rd, Chadstone.

    2015 - Focusing on their future

    Futuretech opens – a collaborative venture between Holmesglen and the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) Victorian Branch.

    Located in North Melbourne, Futuretech is an education and training facility designed to upskill electrical professionals to meet the current and future demands of the industry.

    2017 - An Australian first

    Healthscope opens Australia's first TAFE-based hospital, the Holmesglen Private Hospital.

    The Moorabbin campus also receives a new student hub which includes a learning commons area and information office.

    2019 - New acquisitions bring new training opportunities

    Holmesglen welcomes the acquisition of two new campuses for Victoria’s two largest growth industries.

    Our Bourke Street campus sees us take over from Navitas’ Health Skills Australia facilities, offering students more chances to study a Diploma of Nursing.

    The new Drummond Street campus, acquired from Federation Training and located five minutes south of our existing Chadstone campus, is home to the $16 million Victorian Tunnelling Training Centre.

    Careers at Holmesglen

    Are you considering a career with Holmesglen? Then get ready to join a professional team, a supportive work environment and a cohesive, collaborative culture. Explore career opportunities at Holmesglen.

    Why work at Holmesglen?

    Here’s what you need to know before applying:

    • Position descriptions: All full and part-time positions have position descriptions that provide detailed information to help you with your application.
    • Online screening: We encourage you to answer the online screening questions. These questions are based on the key selection criteria for the position you’re applying for
    • Shortlisting: Our shortlists are based on your overall application, which includes your cover letter, resume and how well your online screening answers match our key selection criteria.
    • Interviews: If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview with two or more panel members. You will have an opportunity to ask questions during the interview.
    • Qualifications: You will be asked to provide certified copies of all relevant qualifications at the interview.
    • Outcome: You will be contacted by email or phone to advise the outcome of your application.

    Here’s what else you need to know

    • Most of our positions require a Working with Children's Check and/or Police Check.
    • You must be eligible to work in Australia.
    • Our employment practices foster a high-quality, diverse workforce reflective of the Victorian community. Applications are encouraged from all sectors of the community, including the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community.
    • Holmesglen is a child-safe and equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining, developing and supporting our people regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and age.
    • Holmesglen cultivates a workforce that embraces and values student voice and partnership.

    To find out more or to request support, please contact our Human Resources Department on 03 9564 2676.

    TAFEs in Melbourne, Victoria FAQs

    Technical and vocational colleges — also known as trade schools — are two-year colleges that provide specialised training for specific career fields. These institutions are known for their intensive programs, smaller campuses, and lower tuition rates.

    Trade schools do not typically require general education courses and instead focus entirely on developing skills and knowledge needed for a particular trade. Though technical colleges and vocational colleges boast similar skills-focused curricula, technical college graduates often receive associate degrees, whereas vocational graduates primarily earn certificates.

    Most trade schools are private for-profit institutions, but some technical schools maintain affiliations with community colleges, making them public schools.

    University and TAFE have traditionally been very different higher education offerings, attracting students with different intentions, interests and expectations. TAFE has been hands-on and real-world, while University has been viewed as the bastion of academic endeavour, theory and research.

    When it comes to the overall performance of TAFE compared to University, TAFE is in the lead on some very important points. In terms of providing more training, TAFE is more accessible to aspiring students, enabling four times more to access education than University.

    Courses at TAFE are recognised for their hands-on approach to skills training, with built-in internships and work placements to enhance your employability and career prospects. As a result, you can learn industry-relevant skills and, in some instances, even start being paid while you're still learning.

    TAFE is the easy route

    Whilst TAFE has services and resources to help anyone and everyone learn at their level, TAFE courses tend to be fast-paced as you're learning in six months to two years rather than a university degree that can span from three years to six or even more.

    Chisholm Institute, Melbourne

    chisholm institute, melbourne

    1300 244 743

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 41,233
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    We are one of Victoria's premier public vocational education and training providers, prominently placed across Melbourne's southeast manufacturing heartland and residential growth corridors.

    We pride ourselves on our record of providing quality education and training that leads to real career outcomes. Our long-term success means you can trust that you'll learn job-ready skills and earn a respected qualification.

    We are a government-owned TAFE that offers over 250 certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, bachelor and graduate certificate courses, with each course carefully structured to ensure that all of our graduates finish with the skills needed to further their career aspirations. We are a safe investment in your future.

    What we can do for you

    We provide relevant education and training with real job prospects. Learning with us means that you'll earn a qualification that is recognised by employers across the country. Our goal has always been to provide education that can directly enhance your employment opportunities in the workforce. You'll be taught by teachers who know the industry first hand and have significant experience in what the needs of employers are. We offer multiple learning options, including on-campus, online and in the workplace, to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


    We have ten locations across Melbourne's southeast, all conveniently located with parking and public transport access.

    Each campus features a modern learning environment, helpful support services, and world-class facilities.


    If you need a study solution that considers your work or family commitments, we have online courses that are perfect for you. We offer 20 courses online, ranging from Certificate IV to Diploma and Graduate Certificate qualifications and deliver these in a virtual classroom with innovative learning tools. Each online course includes access to assistance seven days a week and encourages you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

    Our courses are delivered by a dedicated and specialist online team – Chisholm Online.

    In the workplace

    We deliver training in the workplace. This may include work placement as part of your course work—so you get real on-the-job experience with your nationally recognised qualification. We can also work with your employer. We have apprenticeship courses to increase your skills and qualifications, which can make all the difference in your career options.


    Please note: Some short course delivery has been adjusted due to Covid-19. It will still be the same great course, just delivered remotely off-campus. If a course is delivered 'off-campus', it will be delivered via a set schedule using video conferencing. 'Off-campus' courses may require you to have access to a computer, video conferencing software and internet connection. For the latest information on course delivery, dates and costs, please visit the individual course page or contact our Short Course team on 1300 244 746 or email


    At Chisholm TAFE, we know there is more than one way you can reach your education and career goals. That's why we offer a number of alternative options to the mainstream school system by providing you with secondary school education in an adult setting with the option to have programs tailored to suit you.

    Our courses include foundation skills courses, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) courses, Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), pre-apprenticeships and work education for students with special needs. These courses can help you pathway into further education, including higher certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and bachelor degrees.

    Are you an existing Chisholm student studying VCE, VCAL or VETDSS with us in 2021?

    If so, you have an exclusive opportunity to gain early access to your preferred course in 2022—no ATAR. No worries. Get ahead of the game and secure a place at Chisholm today! Conditions apply.


    Higher Education degrees and postgraduate pathways at Chisholm Institute

    • Accessible and flexible study options
    • Pathways with tailored academic support
    • Collaboration with industry partners
    • Cutting-edge facilities to enhance learning

    At Chisholm, there's a higher education course and a pathway for everyone. Choose from a wide range of study options in our distinctive undergraduate and postgraduate courses that focus on developing your practical skills. Small class sizes, world-class learning spaces and academic support programs mean that you get a bespoke learning experience.

    Start your journey to higher education with direct entry into our select range of bachelor and postgraduate qualifications, or build your technical skills in a diploma with a specialised industry-specific focus and receive a fast-tracked entry into a degree program.

    William Angliss Institute TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    william angliss institute tafe melbourne, victoria

    61 3 9606 2114

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 21,500
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:



    With around 23,000 students enrolling each year, we offer a broad range of training and education programs, including accredited traineeships and apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas, short courses, graduate certificates, bachelor and master degrees.

    For 80 years, we have earned a strong global reputation by delivering innovative training solutions and consultancy services to clients across Australia and abroad.

    Established in 1940, our main campus is located in the heart of Melbourne's central business district.

    Over the years, we have grown nationally with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, servicing metropolitan and regional areas across the country and in every state and territory in Australia. 

    The Institute continues to develop program offerings internationally. Four joint-venture campuses in China, one partnership in Sri Lanka and a Tourism Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre in Singapore support an international delivery platform. The Institute continues to conduct off-shore project development work with industry, governments and development-aid agencies.

    We pride ourselves on having passionate and dedicated people with long-standing industry ties who contribute their knowledge and experience in delivering training of the very highest standard.


    The William Angliss Institute Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023 is part of a ten-year plan.

    The business strategy is:

    • To be the first choice provider of foods, tourism, hospitality and events education training and industry services.
    • To use differentiation, based on William Angliss Institute's specialist expertise, the broad range of programs (vocational and higher education), the quality of facilities, our connection to the industry community and our corporate experience.
    • To grow in a manageable and profitable manner, working to achieve the owner's target for financial sustainability.


    Through both enterprise and educational partnerships, William Angliss Institute provides its educational services to industry and students locally, nationally and internationally.

    Activity within the Strategic Plan is the completion of the next 10-year vision for William Angliss Institute looking to 2030.

    William Angliss Institute's Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023 seeks to support:

    • Educational Excellence
    • Enhancing Student Experiences
    • Partnerships
    • International Development
    • Innovation
    • Sustainability


    To be the first choice educational provider of foods, tourism, hospitality and events locally and internationally.


    Deliver the highest quality specialist skills and education to inspire, empower and develop people passionately devoted to being service industry professionals, leaders and innovators.



    accountable, responsive, with integrity, respect and impartiality and acknowledging human rights


    passionate, stimulating, optimistic


    nurturing, encouragement and challenging


    sharing, partnership and connections


    leadership, innovation and industry practice



    As an Angliss student, you join a passionate community of driven, creative innovators. With our unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and connections to industry, you're given access to a uniquely rewarding education that can take you around the world. Experience is everything. That's why when you study at Angliss. You'll earn so much more than a qualification.


    To succeed in food, tourism, hospitality or events, you have to get out of the classroom, learn from the experts and experience the challenges.

    Whether it be a masterclass, work placement, apprenticeship or field trip, you're always connected to the best of the experience industry at Angliss.


    Over 86% of employers recommend Angliss.

    Our reputation and industry connections ensure students have exciting work experience opportunities and the chance to connect with prospective employers. Examples include our relationships with the Australian Hotels Association, Victorian Tourism Industry Council, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, our Food and Technology Showcase and the esteemed Great Chefs Program.


    We offer a broad range of training and education programs, from short courses to certificates to postgraduate degrees. If you're thinking of further study, we have a comprehensive pathways program to assist your progression to higher study in your specialisation of choice.


    Our state of the art campus is located right in the heart of Melbourne, home to some of the best food, tourism, hospitality and events businesses in the world. Our Sydney campus is located in uber-cool Alexandria, and we also have a campus in Singapore and a global network of partner campuses across Asia.


    Our teachers are specialists in their field with real-world experience and extensive links to industry. Guest lecturers regularly run masterclasses on areas of special interest.

    GoTAFE Victoria

    gotafe victoria

    1300 468 235

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 15,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About us

    Real skills, real outcomes, taught by real people.

    GOTAFE is the largest vocational education provider in regional Victoria. Offering over 130 courses across eight campuses, GOTAFE services 11 local government areas with an estimated resident population of over 240,000 people. We service more than 9,000 students per year on average, employ over 500 staff, and are an intrinsic part of the communities that we serve.

    GOTAFE's Background

    GOTAFE was established in 1996, leading the way in providing students from all walks of life access to a wide range of skills and education opportunities.

    GOTAFE offers real-world learning experiences, flexible, hands-on training and a wide range of accredited courses. The strength of GOTAFE lies in our experienced, skilled and innovative staff who provide customised and quality assured training programs to students, industry clients and the wider community.

    GOTAFE provides a sense of community and fosters a safe, supportive space for students to grow, support each other and be challenged. As the first TAFE to commit to a Social Justice Charter, GOTAFE is dedicated to equality, encouraging diversity, and providing high-quality education to all people.

    Why choose GOTAFE

    Student Support

    We offer tailored support in a range of areas to every single student.

    8 Campuses

    With a large regional footprint, you'll be able to study where it suits you.

    Strong industry connections

    Our connections to local businesses give our graduates the upper hand.

    Free TAFE courses

    Free TAFE is available for a number of courses that are 'high priority' due to skills shortages in some industries. Find out more about the Victorian Government's Free TAFE scheme.

    Box Hill Institute TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    box hill institute tafe melbourne, victoria

    61 3 9286 9351

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 40,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Box Hill Institute

    From our very beginnings, we have emphasised practical, personal and flexible learning. We have always valued the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with industry and businesses to create job-specific courses and facilities.

    We recognise that our instructors and staff are our best assets. You’ll benefit from their unique life and industry experiences, knowledge, and innovative ideas. They are dedicated to your learning experience and will equip you with skills for employment and life after studying.

    Box Hill Institute now operates in 10 countries. We deliver professional education across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. In addition, we offer a diverse range of courses to students, businesses and community groups.

    About Us

    Join us, and you’ll soon discover why Box Hill Institute is one of Australia’s leading vocational and higher education providers.

    From local beginnings

    From our very beginnings, we have emphasised practical, personal and flexible learning. We have always valued the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with industry and businesses to create job-specific courses and facilities.

    We recognise that our instructors and staff are our best assets. You’ll benefit from their unique life and industry experiences, knowledge, and innovative ideas. They are dedicated to your learning experience and will equip you with skills for employment and life after studying.

    To global education

    Box Hill Institute now operates in 10 countries. We deliver professional education across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. In addition, we offer a diverse range of courses to students, businesses and community groups.

    You can study certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses, and your qualifications will be recognised in Australia and overseas.

    In Victoria, we’re in Box Hill, Lilydale, and Melbourne’s central business district, where we are co-located with the Centre for Adult Education. We also deliver training and services in many workplace locations.

    You’ll learn in modern, well-equipped facilities that simulate job environments and experiences. You’ll work on relevant projects and use tools and equipment from your chosen industry in situations part of everyday employment.

    All of this means that when you graduate from Box Hill Institute, you’ll have the skills and experience employers are looking for.

    Our history

    Paving the way. Starting as tech schools in 1924, today. 

    From humble beginnings...

    Box Hill Institute originates from two local technical schools – the Box Hill Technical School for Girls and Women opened on 4 September 1924. The Box Hill Technical School for Boys was established nearly 20 years later, on 2 February 1943.

    In 1971, the Technical School for Girls became the Whitehorse Technical School. Around the same time, the Technical School for Boys separated its tertiary technical offerings from its secondary offerings. As a result, the tertiary section became Box Hill Technical School. Both schools were declared colleges of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in late 1981.

    On 25 January 1984, the Whitehorse Technical School and Box Hill Technical School merged to become Box Hill College of TAFE, established by an Order in Council under the Post-Secondary Education Act 1978.

    Just over a decade later, on 12 September 1995, the Governor in Council approved orders to change the name of Box Hill College of TAFE to Box Hill Institute of TAFE.

    In November 2011, an amendment to the Education and Training Reform Act was passed to enable the Box Hill Institute Board to govern the Centre of Adult Education (CAE) operations.

    As we are now known, Box Hill Institute was the result of a new Constitution on 10 April 2013. The functions, powers and duties of Box Hill Institute are detailed in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and in our Constitution of 3 May 2016.

    In 2016, Box Hill Institute launched the Lilydale Lakeside campus to provide easier access for students in the outer east. In the same year, the Institute won the Large Training Provider of the Year award at the Australian Training Awards.

    As well as our Australian operations, Box Hill Institute has long had a proud history operating transnational education and training programs. In 2013 and 2018, we won the International Training Provider of the Year at the Australian Training Awards. In addition, our 20-strong transnational partner network has created an excellent alumni program, with more than 10,000 graduates making significant contributions in their home countries and around the world. 

    Box Hill Institute now provides education and training to approximately 40,000 students in its 179 courses and the CAE’s 1,190 short courses.

    As we look towards Box Hill Institute’s centenary in 2024, we will continue to support the growth and prosperity of our community by delivering relevant, industry-based learning experiences to meet the future needs of society.

    Why Choose Us

    Ten reasons to study at Box Hill Institute

    Be in action and achieve your goals!

    Join our community of inspiring students and alumni who have achieved their Study and career goals with us.

    Getting your job-ready, with an advantage!

    Here to help you get a job quicker! 87.7% of apprentices or trainees were employed after completing their Study, and they earn a higher salary after graduating than university graduates!

    Setting you up for success.

    We have many exclusive and inspiring partnerships with industry leaders. As a result, we know what employees need and want to ensure you are prepared and ready.

    Connecting you to the experts.

    Our expert teachers have a wealth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience to ensure you learn from the best. Our teachers and trainers are recognised as leaders in their field, maintaining strong industry connections.

    State of the art training facilities.

    Get a real taste of what it’s like to work on the job, using our industry tools and techniques in our simulated work environments and Integrated Technology Hub.

    The perfect mix to meet your study needs.

    Our personalised learning approach offers flexibility while you study. We offer a variety of learning environments, including online learning, workplace-based, mobile learning and the traditional face-to-face classroom setting.

    You choose your pathway.

    If you’re thinking of Higher Education, our courses offer seamless pathways into a higher qualification at Box Hill Institute or with our university partners.

    Be rewarded and recognised for studying.

    We have a broad range of scholarships available to help you study.

    Travel the world while you study!

    Discover a world of opportunities, make friends for life and experience different cultures through our Study Abroad program. (Travel scholarships are available too!)

    Internationally recognised Australian training Institution.

    Study with an award-winning educator; recognised as the 2016 Australian Large Training Provider of the Year.

    Gordon Institute of TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    gordon institute of tafe melbourne, victoria

    1300 769 275

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 23,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Let us introduce ourselves.

    As one of the largest TAFEs in Victoria, The Gordon has been helping people gain real skills for over 130 years. We pride ourselves on delivering a great range of study options in vocational 'hands-on' training. 

    Students can choose from hundreds of short courses and nationally accredited qualifications across apprenticeships, traineeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas, which can lead you to a great career or create a pathway to university. 

    From Geelong, Victoria, around Australia and overseas, thousands choose to study with us each year via flexible options including on-campus, full and part-time, off-campus, online, and in the workplace.


    The Gordon embraces the partnership model, working with secondary schools, universities, employers, and the community in programs that deliver real benefits. We are also forging strong international strategic partnerships, particularly in China and Indonesia. 

    Location, location, location

    The Gordon has two main campuses in Geelong, the largest regional city in Victoria. Geelong is the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Otways regions, which means you can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle while studying or working. We also have three smaller campuses in Werribee and a trades campus in Hoppers Crossing.

    Geelong offers the best of the city, country and coast with an affordable cost of living and a great sense of community, plus we're still close to Melbourne City and Ballarat – only one hour away by car, train or bus.

    Why choose The Gordon?

    We have hundreds of qualifications to choose from! Short courses, apprenticeships, VET in schools, traineeships, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas.

    We focus on practical training, which means less theory and more hands-on experience.

    image representing industry trained

    Our teachers are industry trained professionals who love their work and pass their passion onto their students.

    Work placements and projects form a large part of our course content, giving you the experience you need to be confident when you enter the workforce.

    Our wide industry networks help graduates achieve strong employment outcomes.

    We have a widely known reputation for quality, trusted in Australia and overseas.

    You can use our diplomas and advanced diplomas to gain degrees at other universities and TAFEs, particularly Deakin University.

    Our location is close to the beach, and the beautiful Geelong waterfront offers a lifestyle as well as an education.

    Entry to courses is based on varied selection criteria rather than just your academic performance, meaning everyone has a study option.


    The Gordon grew out of the need for technical training in the brave new world of the 1800s industrial age. From its origins as a mechanics institute and a night school for tradespeople, The Gordon has become the embodiment of quality vocational education and training in Geelong and beyond.

    During the late 1800s, Geelong's increasing importance as an industrial centre, along with a worrying overseas trend showing Britain was losing its traditional markets to the United States and Europe, spurred leading Geelong citizens to campaign for greater technical training. However, it was another overseas event that hastened Gordon's development. The heroic exploits of British general Charles Gordon had captured Geelong's imagination. His death during the siege of Khartoum in Africa prompted calls for a memorial. One proposal, backed by a military brass band, suggested a statue, but others wanted something more meaningful. What better memorial could there be, it was said, for a man whose life was devoted to civic duty and, especially, to the education of the disadvantaged, than a vocational institute?

    Since opening in 1887, in a single-storied hall and operating mainly night classes for tradespeople, The Gordon has developed into an institution operating across four campuses. In 2017 The Gordon celebrated 130 years of its proud history of leading education in the Geelong region.


    Gordon is an employer of choice, providing staff with an excellent working environment and professional development opportunities.

    The Gordon won best Health Promoting Workplace at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards 2014 for its commitment to Health and Wellbeing. A key factor in the Institute's success has been its investment in people. The Institute employs up to 650 staff in teaching and non-teaching areas.

    Gordon staff members live and work in a region renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, excellent sporting and entertainment facilities, great shopping and restaurants. Geelong is just 60 minutes from Melbourne and is on the doorstep of the world-famous Great Ocean Road, making it a region that offers the best of city, rural and coastal living.

    Sunraysia Institute of TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    sunraysia institute of tafe melbourne, victoria

    1300 478 643

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 8,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About SuniTAFE

    Established in 1980, SuniTAFE was the brainchild of several local educators, who recognised that access to post-secondary education was integral to the needs of the growing Sunraysia community and regional industry.


    While starting small, SuniTAFE has grown into a vibrant educational community that includes the two main campuses at Mildura and Swan Hill, a smaller campus at Robinvale and Horsham, and a training farm at Cardross. Additionally, SuniTAFE now has programs operating in every state and territory in Australia as part of our commitment to building educational partnerships and expanding the opportunities for our students to succeed.


    SuniTAFE offers a comprehensive range of vocational courses geared to providing students with the skills and training they require to gain employment and progress in their chosen industry. We also offer the opportunity to further education through our University Pathways program, giving students the firm educational groundwork they need to achieve their goals.


    Nearly 30 years from its inception, SuniTAFE has had a huge impact on the community and industry of the Sunraysia district and surrounds. Our commitment to facilitating access to quality vocational education and training to regional and rural students has seen us grow to be the largest educational provider in northwest Victoria. And we're not stopping there.


    At SuniTAFE, we are always planning for the future of our students and the region in terms of skills and training gaps and opportunities for employment. This is why, over the next few years, we are focusing on the horticulture, transport, logistics, automotive and health industries, which have been identified as key areas for growth in the region. You can read more about our future directions here. Or, to find out more about our industry and business partnerships, visit our Skills & Job Centre.

    Why SuniTAFE

    In deciding to study at SuniTAFE, you are not only choosing a high standard of education, supportive teaching staff and dedicated student services, but you are also becoming part of a diverse, engaging and culturally rich community in a truly spectacular part of the world.

    Student Stories

    Don't just take our word for it! Hear from current and past students about the good reasons to choose SuniTAFE as your pathway to a career or further education. Read our Student Stories for insights into the many ways SuniTAFE helps its students realise their dreams.


    SuniTAFE has four state-of-the-art campuses - Mildura, Swan Hill, Horsham and Robinvale - with each offering specific courses to meet the needs of our diverse student body. The main Mildura Campus provides a range of trades, business, arts, and other educational programs, plus the region's largest academic library. Surrounded by an extensive agricultural region, the Swan Hill Campus focuses on heavy automotive & mechanical engineering, alongside other trades and a new nursing training wing. Our Robinvale Campus offers horticultural students timely on-site training solutions, surrounded as it is by Australia's largest almond-growing region. SuniTAFE Robinvale also has a focus on adult education and Koorie programs. Finally, the SuniTAFE Horsham campus is located centrally in the Horsham industrial estate. All our campuses boast state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated teaching and student support staff.

    Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre

    Located on the Mildura Campus, the Dulka Yuppata ('Place of Learning') Training Centre supports all Koories enrolled at SuniTAFE Mildura. For Koorie students at the Swan Hill Campus, there is the Telkaya ('to improve, be peaceful and be well') Centre. The Centres include student wellbeing spaces, community and meeting spaces, an art gallery and a library of Indigenous resources. In addition, Koorie Liaison Officers (Klos) are located at both campuses to assist Koorie students with all aspects of their life at SuniTAFE. Find out more about SuniTAFE's Koorie training programs and partnerships and additional support services here.

    University Pathways

    For those students who aspire to a university degree, SuniTAFE is an excellent place to start. Our partnership with La Trobe University allows SuniTAFE diploma and advanced diploma graduates to gain credit into various university programs, reducing the duration of study required to achieve a degree. We also partner with Charles Sturt University, which provides a pathway into higher study for SuniTAFE graduates in either Horticulture or Conservation and Land Management. To find out more about how SuniTAFE can get you started on your journey to university, visit University Pathways.

    Student Services

    SuniTAFE’s Student Support Services (SSS) department provides free and confidential services to students and staff across all SuniTAFE campuses. Services include disability support, information, resources, counselling, student wellbeing and referral services that meet individual student needs.

    Support staff are on hand to assist with personal and study-related matters before they create difficulties. Student Support Services staff are located at the Mildura and Swan Hill campuses, with Mildura support staff providing outreach services to the Robinvale Campus.

    Mildura & Swan Hill support staff also include Retention Officers. The Retention Officers actively promote and communicate access to Institute services that support the student experience and ensure early intervention where course withdrawal is possible.

    Location and hours

    At the Mildura Campus, the Counselling & Wellbeing Coordinator, Student Wellbeing Officer and Disability Liaison Advisor are located across from Student Administration, on the ground floor next to Student Residence. 

    At the Swan Hill Campus, Student Counsellor and Disability Liaison Office are located in Office Number AG23 in the main education division, near the back door. Student Support Services working hours at both campuses are generally Monday to Thursday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, and Friday 8.30 am – 4.00 pm.

    Additional support and information

    Assignment proofreading – the Mildura library staff will proofread student assignments on request.

    Computers & IT assistance – computers are available in the Library, and Library staff can offer basic IT assistance. Further assistance is available via the IT Service department.

    Course advise and enrolment help – please see the courses section of this website or contact Student Administration at any campus.

    Evening security assistance – at the Mildura and Swan Hill campuses, security guards can provide assistance walking from classrooms to vehicles following evening and night classes. In Mildura, please ring Marshall Security Service on 03 5022 7855. In Swan Hill, please ring Swan Hill Security on 03 5032 3250. Please also ring these numbers if you see or hear any untoward activity at these campuses after business hours.

    International student support – contact the International Students Unit or 03 5022 3703.

    Koorie support: Indigenous Australians of any background can request assistance from the Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre.

    Lost property – lost items can be lodged with and received from the Student Administration staff at each campus.

    Migrant support – students who are new migrants to the country can get help with living and learning here from the Education Support unit.

    Federation TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    federation tafe melbourne, victoria

    1800 333 863

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 14,212
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About us

    Five years young. 150 years experience

    At Federation University, the desire to transform lives and enhance communities informs everything we do. We make a difference from the research that improves people's lives right around the world to support our students to succeed in their studies and in life.

    With campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland and the Wimmera, we became Federation University in 2014 – a new entity bringing together almost 150 years of history from our predecessor institutions.

    As a young university, we have the energy and optimism of youth combined with the knowledge and experience that comes from our history as one of the oldest universities in Australia, dating back to 1870.

    We are a diverse community with over 24,000 domestic and international students and 110,000 alumni across Australia and the world. We are creating a Federation of independent thinkers, like-minded individuals who are determined to make their mark.

    As Australia's leading regional University:


    We transform lives and enhance communities.


    We provide innovative and integrated lifelong learning, job skills and impactful research that enable people and communities to prosper locally, regionally and globally.

    Living our values

    As Australia's leading regional University, we will continue to transform lives and enhance communities, ensuring a strong and sustainable University for all.

    Our 'living' values will:

    • serve as the cornerstones of our organisational culture
    • unite us to support our transformational strategy
    • build on our passion, goodwill and collective vision
    • guide our actions and empower us to succeed, and
    • lead to a professional standard of excellence on which our stakeholders and we can rely.


    We champion access and inclusion for all.

    We celebrate our diversity, particularly valuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage, knowledge and perspectives.

    • provide a respectful, safe and fair working environment
    • ensure all voices are heard, listening with an open mind to consider different points of view
    • embed respectfully Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage, knowledge and perspectives into our University life
    • champion inclusive practices to ensure equity, access and equal opportunity


    We innovate to transform.

    We are agile and responsive to emerging opportunities.

    • lead innovative and impactful solutions to address stakeholder needs
    • think creatively and pursue relevant opportunities
    • challenge the status quo to inspire better ways of doing things
    • adapt and be flexible when dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change


    We excel in all that we do.

    We act with integrity and take responsibility for achieving high standards

    • create engaging environments where passion for learning can thrive
    • support and challenge each other to meet and exceed expectations
    • make decisions in a conscientious, strategic and consultative manner
    • pursue continuous improvement to deliver exceptional stakeholder experience


    We respect and trust our people.

    We create a supportive environment to take informed risks in pursuit of success

    • provide our people opportunities to flourish and shape our future success
    • trust our people to find solutions through listening, learning and bold action
    • build confidence in our people to make decisions that deliver exceptional results
    • enable a sense of purpose in our work by taking responsibility for our performance and behaviour


    We are stronger together.

    We establish genuine partnerships built on shared goals

    • foster strong, productive and mutually beneficial partnerships that generate positive outcomes
    • work together to adapt, evolve and address complex challenges
    • build cross-functional relationships through mutual respect, transparency and accountability
    • share knowledge and work together to build a strong sense of community

    Bendigo TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    bendigo tafe melbourne, victoria

    13 38234

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 14,000
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Bendigo TAFE

    At Bendigo TAFE, we welcome you to join us in any stage of your learning journey – whatever your age, background or career aspirations. 


    Our Institute is a large, diverse community of staff and students. As a result, many people, resources, and services are available to assist and support you through your journey.


    Bendigo TAFE has been transforming lives for more than 155 years. The Institute has a rich history of providing education for local people and preparing them for work in local jobs.

    Through a network of five campuses, we deliver a wide variety of vocational courses to over 9,000 students every year. Our state of the art facilities and exciting programs create a dynamic and welcoming environment for productive learning.


    Our course content is designed to deliver practical and industry-relevant skills that help get you into the workforce faster, upgrade your existing skills or prepare you for further study.


    We collaborate with industry leaders to ensure our courses are relevant and updated with the latest workplace practices.

    Our Vision, Mission and Values

    We begin our next strategic cycle with a refreshed vision of empowering people and industry with the skills to create a bright future.


    Our mission is to be acknowledged as a leading educator and trainer in work and life skills, making a real difference for students and industry across the communities we serve.


    We will deliver this on a platform of strong values; Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Client Experience and Passion.

    2020>2025 Strategy


    Bendigo Kangan Institute’s 2020>2025 Strategy aims to position the organisation as a nationally renowned education institute, teaching and training students to meet industry and government demands of today while being equipped to adapt to the requirements of the future.


    As we educate and train so many of the future workforce, Bendigo TAFE believes education and training organisations have a unique opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future. But to do this effectively, we have to re-educate and re-train ourselves so that we lead by example.​


    Bendigo TAFE is a public entity promulgated under Section 3.1.11 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

    Australian Business Number

    Bendigo TAFE’s Australian Business Number is 74 802 942 886.


    Our principal office is 136 McCrae Street, Bendigo Victoria 3550.

    PO Box 170, Bendigo Victoria 3552. 

    Registered Training Organisation

    Bendigo TAFE is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Training Framework. Our RTO number is 3077. 

    CRICOS registration

    Bendigo TAFE has a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registration Provider number 01218G and complies with the Educational Services for Overseas Students Act 2000.  

    VET Quality Framework

    The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework aims to achieve greater national consistency in the way providers are registered and monitored and in how standards in the VET sector are enforced. The VET Quality Framework comprises: the Standards for National VET Regulator (NVR) Registered Training Organisations, the fit and proper person requirements, the financial viability risk assessment requirements, the data provision requirements and the Australian qualifications framework.

    ​​Student Support Services

    Your student journey will be supported at Bendigo TAFE through a range of general and specialised study and student support services.

    The student support services team

    Bendigo TAFE student support services provide free and confidential services to students across all campuses and aim to facilitate a positive learning environment for students.


    Services provided include counselling support services, disability support services and student activities services.

    Learning Support

    Learning Support can help you with English, Maths and general study skills. The Learning Support staff can work with you in class, in the library or online. They can help you understand the course work and assist you in completing the course and gaining a qualification. Read more about our Support.

    Student Wellbeing

    Student Wellbeing services are free, confidential, and support you during your time with Bendigo TAFE. Advice and referral to an extensive practitioner network can support you with personal issues, course challenges, and the impacts that study can have in your day to day life.


    Available in person Monday to Friday 9.00 to 4.30 at the Bendigo City campus, appointments are also available at other campuses with notice.


    Additionally, via phone on 5434 1755 or email on, this service can also coordinate virtual meetings via various platforms; Lync, Blue Jeans or Skype, for instance, as suitable for candidates and students. 

    Disability Support

    Inclusive environments and education are an integral part of the Bendigo TAFE experience, and Disability Support is available to any student identifying as having access to education impacted by a disability. Ranging from in-class Support to technological solutions, emergency medical plans to include community activities, our Disability Liaison Officer is there to improve your access and enjoyment whilst studying with Bendigo TAFE.


    Available in person Monday to Thursday 9.00 to 4.30 at the Bendigo City campus, appointments are also available at other campuses with notice.


    Additionally, via phone on 03 5434 1810 or email on, this service can also coordinate virtual meetings via various platforms; Lync, Blue Jeans or Skype, for instance, as suitable for candidates and students. Please make contact to arrange.

    Koorie Support

    Bendigo TAFE’s Indigenous Education Centres (IEC) are innovative environments that foster and promote Indigenous learning while supporting Indigenous students undertaking study and training in a wide array of courses across the Institute. With dedicated Koorie Liaison Officers available to assist students in accessing the full range of support services through the Institute and assisting them in navigating their way in dealing with government agencies and other relevant organisations.

    Peer to Peer Support

    Want to get something off your chest? Want to talk to someone about what you are going through? TalkCampus is a peer to peer mental health support app that enables you to talk to other students around the world anonymously about your issues. It provides a safe space for you to express your feelings, get things off your chest and chat with other students. The service is available in 25 different languages, so you can speak to someone in the language you are most comfortable with.


    Students can register using the unique student email address, which is provided at enrolment.


    TalkCampus will be a helpful tool for many students, but it will not replace the support available from our exceptional team on the ground. To talk to someone, all you need to do is reach out.

    RMIT University TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    rmit university tafe melbourne, victoria

    61 3 9925 2021

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  Yes
    Course Range High School to Higher Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 59,175
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About RMIT

    RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise

    RMIT is a world leader in Art and Design; Architecture; Education; Engineering; Development; Computer Science and Information Systems; Business and Management; and Communication and Media Studies

    Schools and Colleges

    Our courses of study are offered across four academic colleges and 15 academic schools.


    RMIT University has excellent opportunities for talented employees across academic, professional, teaching and research areas.

    Governance and management

    Our portfolios and colleges are governed by Council, Academic Board, and led by the Interim Vice-Chancellor, working by policies and legislation.

    Our strategy

    Ready for Life and Work: RMIT's strategic plan to 2020 lays out the values, goals, directions, and priorities we will pursue to 2020.

    Our heritage

    RMIT was established in 1887 as the Working Men's College to bring education to the working people of Melbourne.

    Our values

    Building on our core values, we are committed to living our values and making a difference locally and globally.

    Respect for Indigenous cultures in Australia

    At RMIT, we recognise and respect the unique culture and contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people bring to our communities.

    Our locations and facilities

    Our local and international campuses feature award-winning buildings and some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world.


    Education is a powerful gift. Your donation or gift to RMIT can help create transformative experiences for students, researchers, and the communities and industries they contribute to.

    Why choose RMIT?

    Online-enabled study

    We're all in this together, and nothing will slow us down. We've changed the way we're teaching so you can continue your education online.

    Pathway options

    RMIT is a dual-sector university offering recognised pathway options that allow you to study vocational courses that lead to undergraduate study.

    Industry connected

    RMIT courses are co-designed with the industry to align the curriculum with the industry. As a result, gain the practical skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

    Global opportunities

    RMIT offers campuses in Melbourne and Vietnam and over 200 exchange partners and industry connections across Europe, Asia and North America.

    Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria

    swinburne university of technology, victoria


    1300 794677

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 34,552
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Established in 1908, Swinburne University of Technology is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the metropolis of Hawthorn (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Victoria. This institution also has branch campuses in the following locations: Melbourne, Kuching. Officially recognised by the Department of Education and Training of Australia, Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) is a very large (enrollment range: 35,000-39,999 students) coeducational Australian higher education institution. Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognised higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation), bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. This 112-year-old Australian higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on students' past academic records and grades. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment. SUT also provides academic and non-academic facilities and services to students, including a library, housing, sports facilities, financial aids and/or scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, and administrative services.

    Our university

    Swinburne is a large and culturally diverse organisation with a desire to innovate and bring about positive change. As a result, our institution is growing and evolving each year. 

    The Swinburne University of Technology is a world-class university creating social and economic impacts through science, technology and innovation. Founded in 1908 by the Honourable George and Ethel Swinburne as the 'Eastern Suburbs Technical College', Swinburne has continued to evolve, gaining university status in 1992. 

    Swinburne has three campuses located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne — at Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna — offering tertiary education for higher education and Pathways and Vocational Education (PAVE). We also have a fourth campus in Sarawak, Malaysia. The National Institute of Circus Arts is located in Prahran, Melbourne, and we also offer a range of qualifications online through Swinburne Online and Open Universities Australia. In 2019, we unveiled new locations in Sydney and Vietnam, each offering a small suite of sought-after Swinburne courses. We also opened an office in Nanjing, China — further connecting us to some of the fast-growing regions in the world.

    As a dual-sector university, Swinburne offers higher education and Pathways and Vocational Education (PAVE). We offer courses in a broad range of disciplines, and our close ties with industry provide students with opportunities for valuable workplace experiences during their studies. 

    Swinburne researchers have a reputation for high-quality research with particular strengths in astronomy, physics, engineering, materials science, computer science and information technology, design and innovation, health sciences, neurosciences and mental health. Underpinned by leading digital technology platforms, our researchers collaborate with industry through embedded partnerships to drive innovation and create impact.

    Our structure

    Understand the structure of our organisation and learn how different parts of our university work together towards common goals.

    More than 100 years ago, Swinburne opened its doors with a simple premise in mind: to provide education to a section of society otherwise denied further education. Over a century later, we continue to persevere in our commitment to not only provide but transform education through strong industry engagement, social inclusion, a desire to innovate and above all, a determination to create positive change. To fully realise our vision, we build our capability and invest in our people, processes, and systems.

    Strategies and initiatives

    Our initiatives focus on bringing people and technology together for a better world.


    Our strategic direction underpins everything we strive to achieve as a world-class university. We are committed to embracing our various initiatives to create impact and view these areas as integral parts of the Swinburne story.

    2025 Strategic Plan

    We choose to build Swinburne as a new and different university prototype, where people and technology work together to build a better world.

    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 is the next frontier, essential for the future of developing economies. At Swinburne, we're using digital technologies to create social and economic impact as one of the only universities with a holistic 4.0 strategy. 

    Sustainability and environment

    At Swinburne, commitment to sustainability is one of our core values. It is embedded across our university and daily operations as we seek to accelerate our efforts and goals to ensure a sustainable future.

    South West TAFE Victoria

    south west tafe victoria

    1300 648 914

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About us

    At South West TAFE, our primary aim is to provide future-focused education that creates a lifetime of opportunity and employability.

    South West TAFE is a world-class educator in an idyllic regional setting at the heart of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road region.

    As the number 1 education and training provider in southwest Victoria, SWTAFE offers practical and inspiring teaching that prepares students for in-demand jobs now and into the future.

    Our focus is on delivering courses that give our graduates the skills they need to thrive in their chosen careers.

    We offer over 150 nationally-recognised qualifications and short courses, and all are delivered by people with practical experience and backed by strong industry connections.

    Our delivery is flexible, modern and designed to meet the requirements of the workplace, giving students the best skills to succeed.

    South West TAFE’s campuses are located in Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland and Colac, with training facilities also located at Glenormiston and Sherwood Park (Deakin Warrnambool).

    Study with us

    Get ready to jump into real skills and job-ready qualifications. Whatever you need to succeed, you’ll find it here with us.

    Get ready to jump into real skills and job-ready qualifications.

    We are passionate about learning and all it has to offer - there is no better place to start, change or enhance your career than right here.

    Our teachers are motivated and professional, and you will be trained by the best to develop job-ready and in-demand skills in courses that are relevant, affordable and flexible.

    Our courses provide industry-focused, practical training options for all ages, stages and interests.

    To ensure our training is for in-demand jobs, we actively develop programs to help address local and regional skill shortages.

    As a result, our graduates have a very high chance of finding employment and excelling in their chosen fields.

    Our options are extensive, including a wide range of accredited qualifications, plus short course and standalone units from industry training packages. There are also pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, traineeship, vocational and graduate studies, industry certificates and VET in Schools programs.

    We offer a range of specialist support services, from libraries, our bookshop, personal wellbeing and student activities to assist with study skills, disability support, career advice, Indigenous mentoring and apprentice Support. Study modes are flexible to enable you to balance work and life needs.

    Our campuses are located in Warrnambool, Portland, Hamilton, and Colac. We are active in these communities, and our teachers, training facilities, support services and direct links with industry are second to none.

    Whatever you need to succeed, you’ll find it here with us.

    Why SWTAFE?

    There are loads of benefits that you probably aren’t aware of – here are some facts to factor in!

    Take a look at the benefits of TAFE.

    TAFE students can earn more

    If you have a certificate or diploma from TAFE, you could start your career with a full-time wage of $56,000 compared with $54,000 if you have a bachelor degree from the university.

    If you have no formal qualifications, you could expect to earn hundreds of dollars less each week than those with two or more qualifications.

    TAFE students can access more jobs

    9 of the top 10 occupations predicted to have the most job growth in the next five years are in TAFE trained jobs.

    During 2015–16, the biggest work shortages were in technical and trade areas.

    More than one-third of job vacancies in the construction, food production and automotive trades went unfilled in 2015-16.

    TAFE students can get employed sooner

    88.6 per cent of SWTAFE students, compared to an average of 70 per cent of university graduates, were employed after training.

    More than 90 per cent of trade apprentices have jobs after finishing training.

    TAFE students can have less debt

    You will pay between $2,500 - $10,000 for the average TAFE course, while a university degree will cost you approximately $19,000 - $31,000, or even more for specialist courses.

    Government-funded places are available at South West TAFE. Fees have been cut an average of more than 30 per cent across 29 certificate courses, making your TAFE course even cheaper.

    TAFE graduates are ready to go

    You can gain practical ‘real-life’ skills at TAFE, so you are totally job-ready when you graduate.

    Courses at TAFE are designed to replicate actual work situations and are structured around what employers are looking for.

    Teachers have extensive industry experience and strong connections with those industries.

    TAFE can be your first step to university

    You may use your TAFE qualifications to gain credits for future study at university - reducing the length of your university course and saving money along the way.

    You can progress from a certificate to a diploma at TAFE, then to a bachelor degree at university.

    TAFE Gippsland Victoria

    1300 133 714

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 11,000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About TAFE Gippsland

    As your local TAFE, we’re passionate about giving everyone in the Gippsland region the opportunity to undertake quality and reliable pre-vocational training. We have campuses throughout eastern Victoria, from Warragul to Lakes Entrance, and we offer a diverse range of programs.


    Our teaching methods and learning environments are specially designed to give students the chance to get hands-on, develop real skills and gain the experience they need to transform their future.

    Studying at TAFE

    Whatever stage of life you’re at, TAFE Gippsland has a variety of courses to help you achieve your goals – from pre-apprenticeships and accredited short courses to certificates and advanced diplomas.

    Our courses are developed to give you the qualifications, skills and experience you need to work within your industry of choice and thrive in the modern workplace.

    Best of all, our flexible study options mean you can complete your course in a way that suits your lifestyle – whether that’s full time, part-time or online. And throughout your time with TAFE, the Student Support Services Team will be there to assist you with any study challenges, issues or questions you might have.

    Tailored workplace training

    TAFE Gippsland offers tailored workplace training to help Gippsland businesses upskill their staff and succeed in achieving their goals. So far, we’ve partnered with the community, business and government organisations, delivering training in everything from first aid and customer service to automotive and aviation.

    Whether you’re a large organisation or a small local business, we can provide your team with bespoke, high-quality and cost-effective education and training – delivered the on-the-job, in our purpose-built facilities or online.

    Helping Gippsland thrive

    For 85 years, we have been helping Gippsland communities thrive by empowering local students and supporting local businesses. But our influence in the region goes beyond our programs. It extends to a wide range of social initiatives that underpin an integral part of our mission as an educational institute – to participate in the social and cultural development of Gippsland.

    Through projects including our Community Cafés, Pamper Days and Community Forums – where we invite anyone to share ideas on TAFE’s role in shaping the region – we’re continually enhancing our contribution to the wider community.

    Fees & Fee Assistance

    The Victorian Training Guarantee is entitled to a government-subsidised place in accredited vocational education and training for all courses, subject to eligibility guidelines. Students who are not eligible for government-subsidised training may choose to undertake fee for service training.

    Fees can be made up of one or more of the following:

    • Tuition fees are associated with the teaching and training elements of a course.
    • Materials fees cover the cost of course materials and consumables and excursion fees.
    • Textbooks and stationery.
    • Fee for service fees is commercial fees calculated at a flat rate per course/unit enrolled.

    You will find these listed on course pages for indicative fee rates relating to eligible, ineligible and concession holders for TAFE Gippsland courses,.

    Student tuition fees are indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. For an individual quotation of fees payable, or to arrange the payment of fees, please visit your nearest TAFE Gippsland Campus or contact us on 1300 133 717.

    Information for Students

     Student Policies & Procedures

    TAFE Gippsland policies and procedures can be viewed here or via your TAFE Gippsland Student Portal.

    Plagiarism Policy

    TAFE Gippsland is committed to ensuring that all learners understand their individual responsibility when submitting work for assessment. Cheating and Plagiarism are serious offences and are not tolerated in any form at TAFE Gippsland. A learner who is suspected of cheating or plagiarising work will face penalties.

    Plagiarism is taking and using someone else’s thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them as your own. If you are suspected of cheating or plagiarising work, penalties will apply in accordance with TAFE Gippsland’s Cheating and Plagiarism policy.

    If you have any questions about how to avoid Plagiarism, please seek advice from your Teacher or Library staff.

    Use of computers and facilities

    Internet facilities are provided for educational purposes. Use of these facilities for personal use must be limited and in accordance with the TAFE Gippsland’s Code of Conduct and ICT Policies.


    Internet services allow users to make information available on the Internet and to access and retrieve information from the Internet. The content of the material made available or accessed, or retrieved is subject to this Code of Conduct. In addition to the Code itself, all computer users are expected to be aware that they are required to adhere to:

    • Any other Institute Conditions of Use documents pertaining to the use of computer facilities
    • The rules and regulations of TAFE Gippsland
    • The civil and criminal laws of the State of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia.

    For detailed information on the rules to be adhered to by all students in regard to the use of TAFE Gippsland computer facilities, please refer to the following policies:

    • Use and Provision of ICT Services and Facilities Policy
    • Social Networking and Online Technology Policy

    Through the Student Account Manager function (SAM), TAFE Gippsland provides all enrolled students with the ability to create an institute online services account, which includes a TAFE Gippsland student email account hosted by Microsoft O365 service. The institute provided email account is the normal means by which TAFE Gippsland will communicate with students, and as such, all students must agree to regularly check their student email account.

    TAFE Gippsland also provides access to the eduroam wireless network.

    Eduroam, short for 'education roaming', is a global service enabling staff and students of educational, research and related institutions to visit another eduroam participating institution and connect to the visited institution's wireless network automatically, i.e. with minimal effort for both user and visited institution.

    Victoria University TAFE

    victoria university tafe

    61 399196109

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 27,890
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    For more than 100 years, Victoria University (VU) has offered accessible education to students in Melbourne's west and beyond.

    VU is one of only six universities in Australia to offer courses in both TAFE and higher education. From certificates to diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses, you can begin your studies at any point and pathway between courses to achieve your goals, regardless of your starting point.

    Our flexible approach to learning and teaching supports our strategic plan.

    We aim to continue creating positive outcomes for education, industry and our community into the future.



    We are ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide (THE World University Rankings)


    We're no.1 in Australia for employability & no.2 for collaborative skills (QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey)


    No.3 in Australia for learner engagement & no.5 for skills development (QILT Student Experience Survey 2020)


    At Victoria University, there's more than one way to succeed at learning. We provide multiple ways to achieve a world-class education and an exciting career.

    When you study with us, you benefit from:

    • work placements with our industry partners
    • the VU Block Model – with smaller classes, focused learning and better results
    • employability programs that prepare you for work after graduation.

    All of this is enriched by our diverse and inclusive university environment.

    Short Courses Australia, Coffee Course Melbourne

    short courses australia, coffee course melbourne

    1300 747 434

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About Short Courses Australia

    Short Courses Australia deliver Compliance, Skill Sets and First Aid courses at our training centre or on-site at your

    workplace, school or venue across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. 

    Short Courses Australia

    Short Courses Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO), registration number 41261, that delivers Compliance, Skill Sets and First Aid courses at our training centres and on-site at your workplace, school or venue across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. 

    First Aid Courses

    • HLTAID011 Provide first aid
    • HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

    Hospitality Courses

    • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) VCGLR approved
    • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) L&G NSW approved
    • SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RCG) L&G NSW


    • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety (FSH)
    • SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices
    • Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) NSW Food Authority
    • Prepare and serve espresso coffee
    • New Entrant Training VCGLR approved

     Traffic Control Courses

    • RIIWHS205E Control traffic with the stop-slow bat
    • RIIWHS302E Implement traffic management plan

    Rail Industry Course

    • TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor (TTSA)

    Building, Pest & Pool Courses

    • Pool Safety Inspectors Course (VBAISP2020)
    • Pest Inspectors Course


    Training Centres

    Short Courses Australia training centres are located across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Each centre is conveniently located next to public transport. For more information, please click on the following Google Business Pages:


    • Melbourne Training Centre
    • Port Melbourne Training Depot
    • Sydney Training Centre
    • Brisbane Training Centre

    More Information

    Short Courses Australia brings together an experienced team of Vocational Education & Training professionals to provide training and assessment services within our training centres and at business or community locations.


    For more information about any of our courses, please contact 1300 747 430 or email 

    Why Short Courses Australia

    Commitment to Excellence

    Our training is compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority and is delivered by professional trainers.

    Book and pay securely online

    All of our qualifications can be booked and paid for online.

    Training solutions across Australia

    Our passionate and expert trainers and assessors will travel to all parts of Australia.

    Well-qualified trainer

    Our trainers and assessors have experienced hospitality and first aiders, qualified and experienced; profiles are available online to view.

    Fees And Charges Policies

    Short Courses Australia operates as a fee for the service training business. This means all training programs attract fees.


    All fees will be paid at or before the commencement of training unless prior arrangements are made with Short Courses Australia Management.


    Each course fee includes all course materials, training sessions by a highly skilled and qualified instructor, and a statement of attainment. 

    Skills Training Australia, TAFE Melbourne

    skills training australia, tafe melbourne

    1300 656 665

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Discover Your Potential With Skills Training Australia

    Since 1999, Skills Training Australia has been providing dedicated diploma courses for those across Melbourne. As a Registered Training Organisation, our services across health, nursing and ageing support have made us a leading institution throughout the region.

    Our values

    Our aim is to provide our students with a supportive atmosphere that embraces their needs and goals as learners. With unique objectives and a leading team of advisors and teaching staff on hand, we create positive pathways through our diploma training solutions.


    Through careful understanding and the ability to help nurture our student community, no matter their level of abilities or goals, we’ve created an environment that ensures success from start to finish. Experience what it’s like to have some of Australia’s biggest and most prominent providers by your side, delivering exceptional programs and student placement opportunities that can otherwise be missed. Establish pathways for your future that see you rise to rewarding employment within the industry or learn what it takes to be a professional out in the ‘real world’.

    For students far and wide – our diploma courses are available throughout Australia.

    Choosing an institution that supports your needs and understands your goals can be a challenge. We aim to eliminate this overwhelming process by providing you with high-quality solutions and courses that fully encompass the shifting tides of the industry.


    Backed by strong support from providers and partners, Skills Training offers expertise within the Vocation Education and Training system to make sure you’re given all opportunities possible. Take the journey with our team; whether you’re an Australian student or international – we’re here to kick off your career.


    For international students looking to apply for placement within our training courses across Australia, we have plenty of insights and information available. Browse our resources to see how you could be the right fit for our supportive campuses.

    Our diploma training options

    Spreading across a number of fields, our specialties are well-versed in all things across:

    • Health and nursing: Available at multiple locations in Melbourne, Skills Training Australia offers learning opportunities that provide comprehensive training within nursing contexts.
    • Leisure and health: Learn about the importance of health and leisure for the elderly community and develop your career within this rewarding profession.
    • Aged and home care: Enter an expansive healthcare sector that keeps on giving. Learn the required skills to offer exceptional care across ageing support, taking crucial insights with you into your employment opportunities.


    Thanks to our outstanding reputation in the industry, we’re able to offer exceptional opportunities for onshore and offshore students looking to get into these sectors.


    Skills Training Australia provides high-quality training and education services, and in order to achieve this, we follow the six principles as sat down by the Skills First Quality Charter.

    About Us

    Our Story

    Skills Training Australia is a Registered Training Organisation that has been providing high-quality training services in the delivery of health/nursing and ageing support services since 1999.


    We understand that choosing the right educational institution is an important decision to be made. Our team of experienced course/program advisors and business development personnel are here to assist in making this important decision an easy one.


    Our knowledge, understanding and expertise within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system ensure our students are put on the right path to a successful career. We have forged strong partnerships with some of Australia’s largest health and ageing support providers; this gives our programs, student placement, and even graduate employment opportunities very strong support from the industry.


    Our fully qualified trainers/Assessors are passionate about education. They also have professional experience in the ‘real world’ and are abreast of contemporary developments within their industry fields.


    We care about our students and their study journey and are focused on helping them learn, develop and achieve their academic goals.

    Our Vision

    To be a flexible solutions/industry Leader in the provision of Vocational Education and Training Programs within the Community Services and Health Industries.

    Our Mission

    Through the delivery of high-quality training and assessment services and with a nurtured learning environment, Skills Training Australia endeavours to provide all students with the knowledge and skills to enhance their careers and future job prospects.

    Our Values

    Our values include:

    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Fairness
    • Accountability
    • Diversity
    • Leadership

    Institute of Training and Further Education (iTFE)

    institute of training and further education (itfe)

    1300 659 553

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Institute of Training and Further Education

    iTFE is here to help you Upskill

    At the moment, the training sector is changing daily, so iTFE is committed to offering you training opportunities in an entirely new virtual classroom or online.   


    iTFE continue to offer short courses and full qualifications in the below-listed study areas. We offer government-assisted funding for a range of full qualifications, so now is the time to upskill.  

    About Us

    iTFE has been training students since 1998, beginning with a range of hospitality courses. Today, we offer our students an extensive range of training courses, ranging from child care to hairdressing and much more. We are enthusiastic supporters of quality, affordable and skills-based further education.


    Modern training facilities

    iTFE campuses facilities are tailored to ensure you learn in professional environments and range from commercial kitchens to professional computer labs. The majority of our training facilities are centrally located and close to public transport, so you’ll be easily enabled to meet course requirements and be job-ready.

    iTFE specialist facilities include:

    • Real-life café training facilities
    • Age-care simulation room
    • Commercial kitchen facilities


    iTFE general facilities include:

    • Flexible learning spaces
    • Student cafés or tea-rooms


    Our services include:

    • The latest audio-visual equipment
    • Fast and free internet access

    Why choose iTFE?


    We are passionate to see our students succeed. Established in 1998, we train over 60,000+ students each year. 


    We have an extensive range of training courses, including online courses, short courses and certificate-level qualifications.


    We offer quality training facilities at multiple locations based in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. For business teams or school groups, we are also able to come to you wherever you are and customise your training to suit your requirements.


    iTFE is supported by over 80 qualified training professionals. Our team of experts offer a wealth of information and hands-on industry experience in their respective fields, providing first-hand knowledge and skills to students.

    Mayfield Education TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    mayfield education tafe melbourne, victoria

    03 9882 7641

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About Us

    Mayfield Education is committed to continuous quality improvement, is fully compliant and registered under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) standards and is ISO 9001 certified. A copy of the AQTF Audit Report can be obtained by request to Mayfield Education.

    Mayfield’s Mission

    We are empowering individuals and organisations through learning and development to improve health outcomes.

    Mayfield’s Vision

    We are leading innovation and excellence in the delivery of training and education for health and community services.

    What Makes Mayfield Different

    Mayfield Education has achieved 50 years of success in leading and providing quality training and education to the health care industry.


    Mayfield Education prides itself on the support we give our students, the quality of teaching and the ease of access to course coordinators. The range of Certificate, Short Courses and Consultancy Services has been developed to meet the needs of students and the healthcare industry at a Victorian and nationwide level. The quality and relevance of our programs have resulted in Mayfield Education courses often being cited as the industry preferred qualification.


    At Mayfield, Education staff hold appropriate education qualifications and qualifications in their area of specialty, and only external professionals considered experts in their field teach in our programs. Recent developments include contemporary and innovative blended learning experiences which enable online access and support for all students. These standards and innovations ensure that our students receive quality tuition that is both relevant and current.


    Mayfield Education’s supportive learning environment has assisted in giving many students the extra confidence and skills needed to achieve their goals. As a result, many of our students continue on to advance their employment and careers, further study and successes.


    At Mayfield Education, we are committed to assisting students to achieve and learn and thus have the opportunity to advance themselves, given their commitment to succeed in their chosen field. We believe that the quality of teaching, the low student to educator ratio resulting in small class sizes and the amount of support given to students undertaking courses is what’s really important. This is what makes the difference.


    Applications for our courses are encouraged from those who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with disabilities, those from LGBTI communities and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.


    We believe in providing you with real experience working in a real health care setting where you can learn and demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

    Opportunities and Pathways

    We offer higher education and vocational education and training (VET) courses.

    Students can choose a VET course as a pathway to higher education. Others undertake a VET course whilst studying for their degree. We also offer VET courses while you are studying VCE at school. This enables them to gain employment as health professionals.


    If you would like advice about courses of study that could suit you, please contact us on the enquiry tab below.

    Customised Training

    We design and deliver workplace training to meet your facilities specific needs, which can improve the skills of your staff, a demonstrated investment in continuous improvement.

    Job Trainer Funding

    Are you 18-24 and thinking of becoming a Health Care Professional? Become an enrolled nurse, personal care assistant, allied health assistant or health technician.

    Are you changing your career or retraining due to redundancy or unemployment?


    You could be eligible for State government funding with a drastically reduced fee [20% of our published rate]. Contact us for a chat.

    Baxter Institute TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    baxter institute tafe melbourne, victoria

    61 3 9650 0361

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About Baxter

    Baxter Institute is a vibrant and innovative Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 7030 CRICOS Provider Code: 02233M), located in Melbourne’s Central Business District close to all the major transport links. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria in Australia’s southeast. It is a thriving, modern and multicultural city, offering the international student a chance to explore its many natural and cultural charms. Baxter Institute’s City campus buildings occupy a large space within the heart of the city, placing all of Melbourne’s many cultural sights and entertainment at the doorstep of Baxter Institute students.


    Baxter Institute attracts highly qualified trainers and educational leaders with a reputation for quality education and focused academic standards. Baxter’s training creates jobs, improves lives, connects technology with business and the community, and elicits a real change in the world and graduates.


    Melbourne is a great destination in which to live and study. The city has been named the most liveable city globally for the seventh consecutive year by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index (2011–17).


    At Baxter Institute, we offer many services to help you achieve your academic goals and enhance your life as a student. We have agents all over the world to help you choose the right course. If you are in Melbourne, we offer one-on-one appointments so that you can speak with a course adviser to answer all your questions.


    Our pathway programs make it easy to enter and progress in vocational education. If you’re looking to transition from school or the workforce to vocational education studies or from vocational education to university, there are pathways available at Baxter Institute.


    We offer pathways to help you gain recognition for workplace experience and previous studies as well as credit from other institutions. Plus, we have study skills courses and resources to help you make the most of your studies.


    We care about your well-being at Baxter Institute. We have dedicated International Student Advisers who can provide advice on academic and personal needs. They can help you access study support, health services and counselling.


    Baxter Institute’s high-quality certificate and diploma courses are Commonwealth government accredited and are on the CRICOS register, allowing international students to meet their objectives and achieve their career goals.


    Our close ties with the industry mean our courses are relevant and up to date. Many of our courses are recognised by professional organisations, and they offer you invaluable experiences across all study levels.

    Baxter difference

    At Baxter, we strive for excellence in a caring and focused way. We support our students to achieve their goals and graduate with the technical, business, entrepreneurial and social skills demanded by business and the community by:

    • Focusing our curriculum on mastering key concepts and practical application
    • Providing extensive student support through our excellent educational facilities and student services
    • Arranging special assistance in dealing with issues of language and cultural differences
    • Providing the opportunity to extend study with other local and international providers
    • Operating flexible course start dates and timetables
    • Having great facilities at our Melbourne CBD campuses


    In addition, as a registered training organisation, we are members of OSTAS (Overseas Student Training Assurance Scheme) to ensure a Training Guarantee for student fees.


    Baxter Institute provides students with assistance to settle into Australian life and their studies, including but not limited to:

    • Career and course selection support
    • Homework and academic support
    • English as an additional language training
    • Orientation & welfare services
    • Special assistance in dealing with issues of language and cultural differences
    • Multicultural support staff

     Language support

    Our diverse marketing team can offer language support in the languages below. Please contact us so we can get you in touch with one of our multilingual staff!

    • Bahasa
    • Cantonese
    • Hindi / Gujarati
    • Mandarin
    • Vietnamese

    Phillips Institute TAFE Melbourne, Victoria

    phillips institute tafe melbourne, victoria

    1300 558 835


    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Phillips Institute

    Great Reasons to Choose Phillips

    Nationally Recognised Training:  Our courses are nationally recognised, which means you receive the accredited training and current skills for the workplace that employers expect.


    Tuition-Free Funded or Fee-For-Service Training:  We offer government-funded training to eligible applicants, and we even offer easy payment plans whether you’re funded or paying the full fee. Our funded training is Tuition Fee Free to eligible funded applicants. We’ve always kept our fees as low as possible so you can afford to get the training you need. This funded training is provided with subsidies from the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to eligible individuals.


    Face-to-Face* or Flexible Delivery: Class-based, facilitator-led training, with day, evening and weekend classes for Certificate III and Certificate IV programs. We also offer blended, flexible learning, with online or print-based options for Certificate IV and Diploma programs. *Please note: we may transition face-to-face classes to remote learning delivery with online resources and Zoom meetings during any required period of restrictions.


    Placement assistance:  If your Certificate III course requires a placement, we will assist to source and organising one for you as close to your home as possible. This is a service we’ve been offering to our students for over 20 years.


    Great Trainers, Great Skills: Dedicated, professional educators with current industry knowledge and skills and extensive training experience, ready to assist you in taking the next step. And because we regularly consult with employer organisations, the training we deliver is what the industry experts.


    No Waiting Lists: Monthly intakes or term intakes with classes held in multiple locations – and of course, you can start anytime with distance or online. Enrol now for training intakes starting every four weeks.


    Training Locations: We deliver most class-based courses at our brand new head office and training centre located in Carnegie, as well as some courses at selected locations around Melbourne and selected regional areas: Clyde North, Echuca, Epping, Frankston, Melton, Werribee and more!*


    Online Application:  Enquire or Apply for enrolment with our easy online process. Click here to see the next intakes for your chosen course.

    About Us

    Trusted since 1998

    With thousands of qualifications awarded since 1998, we are proud of our tradition of assisting individuals to achieve their career goals while gaining industry best-practice knowledge and skills during their training with Phillips Institute.


    Rosemary Henderson, CEO and Principal of Phillips Institute, established Lifelong Education in 1998, after a career in nursing, followed by teaching in the secondary school system and at TAFE. This earlier version of Phillips Institute registered training organisation number 21147 with the VRQA (Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority) initially offered IT, business, and management skills training. However, due to industry demand, this was quickly expanded to include health care industry programs, including Aged Care, First Aid, Food Safety and Lifestyle and Leisure courses (later renamed Leisure and Health).


    In 2001, the business name was changed to Phillips Institute, which reflected the family connection. With the organisation's steady growth, the formation of the company Phillips Training Services trading as Phillips Institute, registration number 21868, occurred in 2006. At this time, the company also established a “bricks and mortar” presence by opening its offices and training rooms in Wattletree Road, Malvern. Phillips Institute continued to build on its reputation for quality training programs by introducing training and assessment qualifications, additional health care qualifications, and business and management courses.


    Outgrowing the Malvern site led to an upgrade to larger premises in Koornang Road, Carnegie, and an application to move from Victorian-only delivery to full national registration with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which commenced in late 2011. This has enabled Phillips Institute to offer its training services via its online learning system and continue to offer its popular facilitator-led workshops both here in Melbourne and throughout Australia. After a successful auditing process, Phillips Institute received national registration with ASQA in July 2012.


    The consistently positive feedback we receive from our industry partners confirms that our training model gets results, and we are always striving to create further value. In 2018, our focus was on continuously improving services for our students, enhancing the student experience, and providing them with the best possible skills and knowledge so that they can “hit the ground running” in their chosen careers.

    Staff profiles

    Rosemary Henderson

    CEO and Principal

    Rosemary’s original career in nursing, combined with an equally extensive career in education and training, inspired her to establish the beginnings of the Phillips Institute organisation over 19 years ago. Her health industry experience, including general and aged care nursing, business management and administration, combined with her extensive experience in education and training both as a Senior Secondary Teacher (Politics, History and Economics) and Humanities Coordinator, and as a qualified trainer and assessor at Kangan Batman TAFE, have equipped her well. In these roles, Rosemary developed and delivered courses in job skills, business and office management and computer skills. However, the development of resident and staff training programs for residential aged care facilities prompted her to establish the registered training organisation Lifelong Education in the late 1990s, which was later renamed Phillips Institute. Since then, Rosemary has continued to broaden the scope of programs offered by Phillips Institute. In 2008, she was invited to be a state delegate on the Victorian Government’s Health Industries Trade Mission to India to demonstrate her approach to training for health aged care workers. Rosemary continues to direct the organisation's business operations and is committed to ensuring the highest quality of education and training services at Phillips Institute.


    Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education (University of Melbourne), Division ll Registered Nurse (non-practising), Certificate all in Business Administration, TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment.

    Kerri Henderson

    Manager – Training Operations

    After initially studying economics, art history, philosophy and anthropology at La Trobe University, Kerri worked as a writer and sub-editor in a media and public relations company. She then undertook further training to become a computer programmer and business analyst. After delivering a national program training insurance employees in newly-designed software, Kerri switched to the public TAFE system. This included delivering IT training and coordinating hospitality and tourism courses, leading a study tour of Thailand and Singapore for Food and Hotel Asia with William Angliss College (later renamed William Angliss Institute). In 2008, Kerri was made a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society in recognition of academic excellence for studies at Monash University while completing a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development. With several years’ experience teaching for many other independent training organisations and Swinburne University’s Centre for VET Practice, Kerri has developed and delivered the “Train-the-Trainer” qualifications: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training for Phillips Institute. She is now responsible for overseeing curriculum development, program evaluation, marketing and business development. View Kerri Henderson's profile on LinkedIn

    Qualifications: Master of Education (Monash – in progress), Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development (Monash), TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development (in progress), Diploma of Computer Programming, Certificate IV in Business (Advertising), BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    Jerome George

    Health & Aged Care Trainer and Assessor

    Years of full-time experience in the aged care industry in a variety of roles has enabled Jerome to make a valuable contribution to Phillips Institute. He currently delivers personal care to residents of aged care facilities. He has added lifestyle and leisure sessions to his work program and continues with his role as a qualified Trainer and Assessor with our organisation. In 2013, Jerome undertook further industry placement training within a major metropolitan hospital; this has extended his skills and knowledge, particularly in health services assistance and support services, including environmental and food services. Jerome’s thorough understanding of the role of workers in the health and community sector, the importance of quality standards and his current industry knowledge bring a depth of experience to his highly regarded training and assessment role with Phillips Institute.


    Qualifications: Certificate III in Aged Care Work, First Aid Certificate (Level II), TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (in progress)

    Kevin Egan

    Business & Management Trainer and Assessor


    With over 30 years of experience in learning and development roles, including working across various industry sectors, including education, Kevin has held various key roles, including Senior Partner and National Human Resources Manager. Organisations, where Kevin has worked include Australia Post, Dunn & Bradstreet, the Council of Adult Education, TAFEs and private registered training organisations. His specialty area is in human resources and industrial relations, especially: statutory workplace obligations under the Fair Work Act and other associated industrial instruments, work, health and safety (WHS) obligations, and best practice policies and procedures about human resources management and employee relations. With his passion for developing others and extensive knowledge and industry experience, Kevin is a greatly-valued asset for Phillips Institute and welcome addition to the Business and Management Diploma programs teaching team.


    Qualifications: Master in Business Administration (MBA), Advanced Diploma of Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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