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Top 30 Early Learning Centres Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

One of the most important things that a parent can do for their child is to provide them with a fun and stimulating environment. One of the best ways to do this is by enrolling your little one in an early learning centre in Melbourne, Victoria. 

That's why we've done some research and come up with the list of Top 30 Early Learning Centres in Melbourne, Victoria, for you. This list of early learning centres will help you find a good school for your child so they can have an amazing educational experience and grow up to be confident learners who enjoy what they do! 

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    The Ultimate List of Early Learning Centres in Melbourne, Victoria

    Goodstart Melbourne - Early Learning Childcare Centre

    goodstart melbourne early learning childcare centre


    1800 222 512

    In 671 early education centers, we employ 14,900 people, including more than 1,500 instructors, to deliver superior primary childhood to more than 70,700 children from 59,200 parents. A third of our centers are located in rural and regional areas with low socioeconomic levels.

    The University of Melbourne - Early Learning Centre

    university of melbourne early learning centre


    03 8344 1444

    Welcome to the University of Melbourne's Early Learning Centre (ELC), a research and demonstration kindergarten. Every day, the ELC provides a long-day education and care program for 89 two to five-year-old children.

    Growing and learning at the ELC instills personal values in children such as empathy, integrity, respect, and tolerance. The goal is for children to become self-assured, passionate learners who are adaptable, open-minded, and capable of navigating change in a fast-paced world.

    Sentia Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    sentia early learning centre victoria


    (03) 9629 9823

    A beautiful space steeped in a safe and joyful atmosphere, designed to inspire youngsters, improve their confidence, and take the first steps toward a lifelong love of learning.

    Every day at Sentia is a new chapter in your child's life, as he or she learns new experiences via purposeful inquiry, curiosity, and companionship. Our child care and kindergarten facility, which is situated in Melbourne's central business district, actively promotes each child's imagination, creativity, and sense of play.

    Early Learning Centres FAQs

    Early learning or early education- these are terms that are used to describe programs that provide education for children outside their own home before kindergarten. Children who attend high quality early learning programs develop competencies in Healthy eating and wellness habits—fine and gross motor development.

    In a well-resourced Early Learning Centre, the education model shifts from caregivers to trained professionals who have researched and studied the cognitive and developmental milestones faced by three and four-year-old Kindergarten children. Within this setting, children engage in dynamic indoor and outdoor play.

    There's no legal or official distinction between a daycare and a learning centre. Instead, these are marketing labels that provide parents with information about the centre's primary purpose. A daycare provides care for your child when you can't, while a learning centre has a stronger emphasis on education. Because these two types of child care facilities aren't legally distinct, however, some daycares may have strong educational focuses, while some learning centres might do little for your child's education.

    If your child is still a few years away from starting kindergarten, then a quality daycare is the best option. But if your kid is reaching school age (around three or four), a preschool program will better prepare them for the social and academic setting of kindergarten and grade school.

    In today's world, a child care program is absolutely essential for many families. Parents often feel guilty putting their kids in daycare, but staying home isn't always an option.

    The good news is that a high-quality childcare program, one that features a positive learning environment and a play-based curriculum, offers a number of advantages to children. Kids who spend the day in a stimulating, nurturing environment get the strong start they need to thrive in school and beyond.

    Here are four of the benefits children derive from attending a quality daycare program.

    • Advanced Social Skills. 
    • Improved Attention Spans.
    • Better School Performance. 
    • Greater Enthusiasm for Learning.

    Little Assets - Melbourne City Early Learning Centre

    little assets melbourne city early learning centre


    03 9620 2812

    Everyone needs the assurance that their child is content and developing while they are apart at a family daycare. Because of this, at Little Assets, we're committed to fostering an environment where your child may learn and develop while still having fun. Our dedicated educators provide a play-based curriculum based on the Australian Government's Early Years Learning Framework.

    As a result, your kid will receive the highest quality education and care to enable them to fulfill their greatest potential. It all happens in one of our high-quality daycare centers near you, which provide indoor/outdoor play and learning facilities for age groups ranging from six weeks to six years.

    Astra Early Learning - Port Melbourne

    astra early learning port melbourne


    03 9646 6189

    We recognize that youngsters living in the inner suburbs, such as Port Melbourne, may not have many opportunities to spend time outside. According to research, this causes the start of mental health problems in youngsters as young as three, including anxiety. Children's behavior is also being influenced greatly as we spend more time indoors than earlier generations.

    Apple Blossoms Early Learning - South Melbourne

    apple blossoms early learning south melbourne


    03 9699 5265

    Hello and thank you for visiting Apple Blossoms Early Learning.

    We understand how crucial it is to choose child care when considering who to entrust your child to. Our goal is to deliver the best of what we believe are the most important things for families.

    Froebel Australia - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    froebel australia early learning centre melbourne


    03 9481 2530

    We use an immersion-based, entertaining bilingual (English-German) language learning concept. In January 2016, the center was recognised as one of Australia's first "Little Scientists Houses."

    We collaborate with the Deutsche Schule Melbourne, an independent German English Bilingual School on the same Fitzroy North location. Our collaboration adds to our early bilingual immersion learning concept. The concept of Deutsche Schule Melbourne is based on the Canadian "Early Immersion Program" for multilingual schools. Please visit their website for further information and enrollment requirements.

    Creative Garden Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    creative garden early learning centre victoria


    1800 319 421

    Your child will receive the finest quality of care from our experienced and certified educators in our custom built centers; we endeavor to guarantee your child receives the attention and interactions they require throughout the day. Your child will be encouraged to explore, play, and become curious about their surroundings.

    Kids & Co Early Learning Centre Melbourne City 

    kids & co early learning centre melbourne city


    03 9614 2903

    Providing a safe and good environment for your child is not only a basic need for a developing child, but it also provides the groundwork for their mental, physical, and emotional development. We provide every kid the time and attention they require for feeding, learning, comprehension, and play. After all, the most effective learning occurs when you are healthy and having fun.

    Giraffe Early Learning Centre – Docklands, Melbourne

    giraffe early learning centre – docklands melbourne


    03 9670 0884

    The Centre Owner and staff are dedicated to delivering a coordinated approach to a warm, loving, and engaging atmosphere that promotes diversity and every child's right to high-quality care regardless of their specific requirements.

    We recognize the critical role the Centre plays in nurturing and teaching the children in our care, and we strive to build loving connections based on trust and security via our staff development. Your children come first, and we prioritize satisfying their needs. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which your children can reach their greatest potential.

    Wantirna South Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    wantirna south early learning centre victoria


    03 8578 5330

    Welcome to Wantirna South Early Learning Centre, where we help each child learn and grow at their own speed and in their own way.

    With a four-year-old kindergarten program, we welcome children from six weeks until school age. We provide a secure and safe environment in which curiosity is encouraged, topics are explored, and accomplishments are acknowledged. The students gain an understanding of the potential of learning in large and small groups while still pursuing their own unique learning paths.

    Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre - Melbourne

    camberwell junction early learning centre melbourne


    (03) 9882 8713

    We understand how important your child's early years are at Camberell Junction Early Learning Centre. We are a privately owned and certified daycare and childcare center that offers recognized early learning and kinder education programs for children ages 0 to 5. We keep your child active and involved from their youngest years by emphasizing learning and individualized care.

    Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    kimmba bilingual early learning centre victoria


    (03) 9525 8300

    Kimmba Bilingual Learning Inc. was a non-profit corporation formed by Mrs. Marisha Theeboom, founder of the Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program, with the help of a committee of volunteer moms with professional backgrounds.

    We would not have this great, educational bilingual early learning school in St Kilda East, which has been specifically developed for Melbourne's young learners since 2012, without their devotion, professional competence in their respective disciplines, and continuous support since 2007.

    Boulevard Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    boulevard early learning centre victoria


    (03) 9803 4398

    We've always believed that when you want to make those precious early years truly special, there's nothing more important than filling them with joy and laughter. To make that happen, we've established a warm and inviting local early childhood family service focused on integrating your children into the community.

    Niño Early Learning Adventures Victoria

    niño early learning adventures victoria


    (03) 9421 6717

    We are a family-owned and run early learning institution in Melbourne, where every child is treasured and empowered to become fearless, creative, resilient, and compassionate.

    Everything we do is aimed at giving every child the best possible start in life. Our purpose-built centers and learning settings are meticulously created to appeal to children's inquisitive nature. Our holistic curriculum and scientifically tailored seasonal diets ensure that students are well-nourished and motivated to achieve their maximum learning potential.

    Oakleigh Grammar Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    oakleigh grammar early learning centre melbourne


    03 9569 6128

    Our Early Learning Centre, as part of the Junior School Quartet and at the core of the Reggio Emilia system, believes that children are full of curiosity and creativity, and that they have the great potential to develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning and exploration.

    Mentone Grammar Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    mentone grammar early learning centre melbourne


    03 9584 4247

    Our program is designed to be a joint effort between the child, the family, and the Centre staff, all of whom have input into the program and its policies. The program incorporates the children's hobbies so that the learning stimulates them and fits their specific needs.

    Based on extensive research, our School has opted to draw on a variety of perspectives in order to provide a proven program that really embodies our inclusive, caring culture and provides the best program possible.

    Little Lane Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    little lane early learning centre melbourne


    03 9818 8436

    In Melbourne's Hawthorn district, there is a family-run early childhood education and care facility called Little Lane Early Learning Centre. Modern amenities include a separate art studio, naturally lighted open classrooms, outdoor learning classrooms, a specially constructed dance floor, and much more at Little Lane Early Learning Centre.

    Our philosophy and practice are primarily based on socio-cultural theory, with the goal of really understanding and supporting each child and their family's individual learning and developmental path.

    Journey Early Learning Centre - Victoria

    journey early learning centre victoria


    (03) 9005 4657

    From Kathmandu to Timbuktu, or simply feeding elephants at the zoo, there are exotic places to visit and exciting things to do. But, before embarking on life's grand voyage, you must be prepared to experience all of its grandeur. The world awaits you, and it is made up of many different pieces. We're not sure how it ends, but we know where it begins. Journey. This is where it all starts. To motivate others to study for a lifetime, we must continue to learn ourselves.

    Footscray Early Learning Centre - Melbourne, Victoria

    footscray early learning centre melbourne, victoria


    (03) 9939 0732

    We are an enthusiastic and dedicated crew of a privately owned service. We began our journey in NSW in the year 2000, opening our first 14-place center and shortly after building our very own fresh new state-of-the-art center for 58 children in the Sydney district of Auburn. From then on, we continued to expand rapidly and steadily, eventually landing in Melbourne, Victoria in 2017. Our second facility is at 391-393 Camp Road, Broadmeadows, Victoria 3047.

    Our services have been run discreetly and successfully from their inception in 2000, thanks to the support and dedication of our families and the local community.

    Korowa Anglican Girls' School Melbourne

    korowa anglican girls’ school early learning centre melbourne


    03 8808 8836

    We are pleased to report that Korowa's Early Learning Centre has received a rating of 'Exceeding National Quality Standards (NQS) for their Assessment and Rating from The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACEQUA).

    The NQS is based on best practice research, is intended to drive continuous quality improvement, and comprises assessment and rating of services in seven main categories.

    Kilvington Grammar School Melbourne

    kilvington grammar school melbourne


    03 9578 6241

    The Kilvington ELC's objective is to assist youngsters become independent thinkers. Our children learn how to solve problems, reflect creatively, and communicate effectively and confidently in a supportive, safe, and interesting learning environment.

    Our kids are taught by warm, loving, and highly qualified early childhood educators who carefully develop each individual child's knowledge, abilities, and attitude via intentional teaching practice and chances for active inquiry and discovery learning.

    Bridge Road Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    bridge road early learning centre melbourne


    03 9429 2943

    We hope to instill a love of learning and curiosity in your kid through co-constructive education. Theory-based knowledge, the national quality framework, diverse communities, the outdoor space as an additional teacher, and natural habitats will all be used to assist this.

    Alpha Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    alpha early learning centre melbourne


    (03) 9429 1431

    Alpha is a community-based child care company serving families in Yarra and the surrounding suburbs with long day care and kindergarten programs. The center is reasonably priced, offers high-quality programs taught by highly educated and experienced educators, and is ideally located near Melbourne's CBD.

    Great Start Early Learning Centre Victoria

    great start early learning centre victoria


    03 9886 9178

    Early childhood is a time when the groundwork for future health, learning, and well-being is laid.

    We are committed to providing a high-quality early years curriculum in order to achieve educational excellence for all children. Our methodology fosters school readiness and achievement of learning outcomes by applying our knowledge and experience of how children learn and play.

    Early Learning & Kinder - Victoria

    early learning & kinder victoria


    03 9484 2311

    Early Learning & Kinder is a significant supplier of early childhood education in Australia, with child care centers all around the country.

    We think that by giving meaningful experiences during the early years, we can create a passion of learning. We are here to serve your child at any age, with programs for baby daycare, early learning daycare, and preschool child care.

    Starfish Early Learning Centres

    starfish early learning centres


    1300 168 814

    Your child can explore, learn, engage, imagine, create, and flourish in one of the many Melbourne Early Learning Centers we have available. Children from six weeks old to kindergarten can receive engaging instruction and care at Starfish Early Learning Centers.

    Watsonia Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    watsonia early learning centre melbourne


    03 7020 2360

    Our materials and team have been carefully selected to provide a solid foundation for a life of learning, development, growth, and opportunity.

    Firbank Grammar Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    firbank grammar early learning centre melbourne


    03 9591 5114

    We recognize the importance of selecting your child's first school. By bringing your kid to Firbank, you are joining a community that has high expectations for all children and promotes their potential. The Turner House Early Learning Centre is part of the Brighton ladies campus, whereas the Sandringham Campus Early Learning Centre is coeducational. Each learning environment reflects the care and attention of the highly qualified educators to make school a special place for your kid on the two dynamic campuses.

    Haileybury Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    haileybury early learning centre melbourne


    03 9904 6020

    The Haileybury program is designed to develop resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and vital abilities in decision-making, leadership, and enterprise at each educational stage.


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