Dr. Tech

Dr. Tech

What is Dr. Tech?

Dr. Tech specialises in the following:

  • Special purpose tooling, jigs and fixtures
  • Advanced systems integration and development of various vacuum, blower, gas and pressure systems
  • Building industry
  • Mining industry
  • Transport industry
  • Road machinery
  • Food industry
  • LED industry.
Accoustic enclosure

Accoustic Enclosures

  • Enclosure consists of the following subsystems:
    • Structural container
    • Ventilation system
    • Exhaust system
    • Lighting distribution system
  • The most silent enclosure is 65dBa at 1 meter from the genset.
  • For most of ETTES Power generation projects, the average soundproof level is 85 dBa at 1 meter from the genset.
  • For soundproof performance of the enclosure, we can design and manufacture as per the client’s special requirements.


“Friendly and professional team, providing innovative ideas and optimal high-tech solutions.”

“Dimitri is a very knowledgeable mechanical Engineer who works efficiently and provides many viable design approaches. Quality control is clearly his main aim and is reflected in his outstanding work.”