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At Dr. Study, we have designed our Essential English IELTS program with robust teaching concepts to help students at all levels of English proficiency.

Our unique approach is based on research-proven learning methodologies and test-taking strategies that support the fast and effective development of IELTS-related language skills. The course is tailored to your individual requirements to ensure that you develop the right English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills to succeed.

We deliver lessons in online and in-class simultaneous formats, so that you can always attend your class and take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you need to take the IELTS for work or study, our Essential English IELTS program is the ideal way to prepare for this high-stakes test.

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Here’s why students are choosing Dr. Study to prepare for their IELTS test:

In our Essential English IELTS program, we assign students learning content and resources that can be accessed outside of class time, so they can develop an independent study habit. Research has proven that these study habits significantly increase the speed of language progression.

Our teachers focus course activities on tasks directly related to the IELTS test and provide constant and targeted feedback to help each student reach their personal goals. We understand the importance of teacher-student feedback and analyse IELTS assessments to improve the learning experience.

We offer dynamic assessment throughout the course, using IELTS tests as tools for learning to establish a teacher-student feedback literacy. Tests are always deconstructed and analysed through a comprehensive feedback process that results in further learning.

Throughout the program, test scores are provided immediately to learners. For example, our teachers offer detailed and personalised feedback by discussing with students what they were thinking and what they intended from particular responses.

The program uses task-based language teaching and dynamic assessment approaches to give learners many opportunities to engage with authentic IELTS tasks and employ their critical and independent thinking skills. With this level of personalised feedback, students can strengthen their ability to come up with relevant ideas that address common IELTS topics effectively.

To help students build on their vocabulary, our skilled teachers introduce new words every week that have been identified through rigorous research as the most common words in any academic context. Developing highly natural language is also important and our students are continuously taught idiomatic language for a more thorough understanding of vocabulary.

Our course work includes:

  • Expansive task-based language teaching
  • Highly IELTS-relevant vocabulary
  • Development of critical and independent thinking skills
  • Immediate feedback and dialogic talk.
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Dr. Olga

Meet Dr. Olga

Olga has an extensive academic and professional background, consistently displaying equal passion for both.

Her academic qualifications were all attained at Monash University. Her degrees include:

  • Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Management
  • Bachelor of Honours in Business and Commerce (for which she achieved First Class Honours)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

In accomplishing the latter, Olga’s thesis explored the joint effects of Individual Differences and Social Networking on Creativity in the Australian High-Tech Industry.

Monash Univeristy


“A massive thank you to Dr. Study for their dedication and commitment in ensuring I not only achieved results to the best of my ability, but for diligently curating a program that ensured I enjoyed every part of my studies. ”

Alana Fares

“Amazing program, professional staff and incredible learning environment for all students. Highly recommend!”

Anna Paritski

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